Thursday, November 30, 2017


     I’ve just made an infuriating discovery.

     There’s a website, KISS Library, that’s selling my books – the ones that appear at Amazon -- without my authorization. Moreover, they’re being sold at wildly inflated prices, no part of which is paid to me.

     How are they getting away with this? More to the point, how can I put an end to it?

     But wait: there’s more! I’ve searched that "library" for the names of several other indie writers I know, including John Conroe, C. J. Carella, Hans G. Schantz, Marina Fontaine, and Daniella Bova, and their works are listed there too! We’re all being robbed!

     Spread the word. Make certain every other reader you know is aware of this theft of copyrighted intellectual property. Then write to KISS Library – – and let them know their thefts have been detected!


Tom Kratman said...

There are a couple of different schools of thought on the subject of literary piracy. One, and it is not indefensible, is that it's free advertising. However, these folks seem to go above and beyond. They are, for example, selling even the books I am giving away free. That offends me.

David Smith said...

Happened to notice that they are pirating a few old titles by my bud Andy Orem, and I dropped him a line in case O'Reilly has any interest in taking a swat at them.

In the new world of Sharia, thieves lose their hands, don't they?

Linda Fox said...

This is one that might be best handled in small claims court - if the amount due you is small enough, that is.

Another idea is to contact Kindle - they would probably want to keep books listed with them from being pirated. Particularly if the book is on Kindle Unlimited. And, they've got the lawyers already.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I searched there for Porretto and nothing came up.
I searched Love in the Time of Cinema and found one by a different author.
If they resell your paper bound books at a higher price, and have not pirated, I'm not seeing the issue.
Which work did you see there?
Was it paper or electronic?

Francis W. Porretto said...

Ed: I've already made the required DMCA complaint. They took my books down immediately. (Maybe I frightened them.) All seventeen of the titles I currently have for sale at Amazon were for sale at -- and all of them for about three times as much as I'm selling them for!

Ed Bonderenka said...