Monday, November 13, 2017

Union Cards

     I was thinking I might take today off from the blog. I had a strenuous day yesterday, topped off by disappointments and bad food. I told myself that I could use a respite and was preparing to enjoy some downtime.

     Then, courtesy of Victory Girls, I read this article:

     Rapists and sexual harassers deserve no sympathy and no due process. They deserve an eternity of suffering and torment, much like what their victims have to go through everyday.

     However, this is not about rapists or victims of rape, but rather, about how so called “sexual harassment” is being used to devalue the work of longtime civil right activists and pushers of progressive values . Hollywood is currently experiencing what is perhaps its most damning controversy yet, which has seen many (mostly liberal) men like Harvey Weinstein, Louis CK, Ben Affleck and Kevin Spacey accused of sexual assault by men and women, some of whom allege that the assault took place decades ago....

     Regardless of whether any of these men are guilty of the crimes they have been accused of or not, one thing is for sure – the ones who hold left wing values have earned the right to make at least one mistake in their lives.

     Now, the site from which the above was pulled has a “Trolls” category, and it is possible that this piece of filth was meant merely to enrage conservatives, rather than as the expression of a sincerely held opinion. However, as the Victory Girls’ piece sets forth, there are many on the Left who would agree with its sentiments:

     Just remember, to Whoopi Goldberg, Roman Polanski’s victimization of a kid wasn’t “rape rape.”

     Just remember, Hollywood starlets have for decades kissed up to Harvey Weinstein, and ensured he was isolated from criticism regarding his widely-known proclivity toward sexual predation.

     Just remember, Bill Clinton’s alleged sexual assaults of Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, and Paula Jones, were ignored, and Billy boy wound up in the White House for two terms.

     Meanwhile, Bill Maher developed a convenient lapse in memory about l’affaire Clinton, when he recently claimed liberals “arrest” our alleged rapists but conservatives “elect them.”...

     Three accusers came out to accuse Bill Clinton of actual rape. Rape. And yet, he still was elected President twice.

     In our hyperpoliticized age, accusations of sexual misconduct and the responses to them aren’t about morality or decency. They’re about who’s a member of which union.

     When “the personal is political” – never forget that that’s been the Left’s mantra for decades — there is no such thing as purely personal conduct...or misconduct. Moreover, from the Left’s perspective political considerations will always have the highest priority. Is the alleged offender a conservative? Then the scandal must be amplified to the heavens, whether or not there’s substantiation for it; it could be the key to a Congressional majority. Is he a liberal? Then we must exonerate him at any cost, for we can’t afford to lose his services.

     Sexually related behavior is frequently the grist for the Left’s mill because “the flesh is weak.” Men prominent in politics, who are guaranteed to have larger egos and higher opinions of themselves than the rest of us Y-chromosome bearers, are unusually prone to sexual excesses. (Concerning women prominent in politics, the evidence is too scant for a reliable evaluation.) Thus it is easier, if not always easy in absolute terms, to unearth sexually suggestive behavior at the very least in the pasts of such men.

     As it happens, sexual sins are not uniformly distributed. You’ll find them far more often among the luminaries of the Left, for several reasons:

  • The Left’s total lack of moral standards;
  • The adulation it showers upon its public figures;
  • Its willingness to exculpate such persons for just about anything.

     It’s of a piece with the Left’s total endorsement of any and every sort of sexual aberration or perversion...that is, unless it can somehow be used against a conservative. But it does put them in the uncomfortable position of trying to rationalize away the conduct of persons such as Roman Polanski, Harvey Weinstein, and Bill Clinton. The effort is required of them, for how else could they continue to excoriate the few sinners on the Right accused of lesser sins?

     Remember Mark Foley?
     Remember Larry Craig?
     Remember Clarence Thomas’s confirmation hearings?
     Remember the smears of Fred Thompson for the heinous crime of marrying a younger woman?

     And of course there’s no need to “remember” the campaign to disparage Donald Trump. That’s fresh in the memory. Yet no single instance of actual misconduct by Trump was ever verified. He’s had three wives, two of whom he divorced. That’s not something I can approve, but he’s not a Catholic, and his moral pledges are not mine. While he was between wives, he apparently dated widely, as unmarried men are known to do, and often much younger women, as rich and powerful unmarried men are known to do. How great an offense is that? How does Trump’s record compare with Woody Allen’s three marriages, of which the most recent was to his stepdaughter Soon-yi Previn?

     The hypocrisy is too staggering for words.

     If we omit the arguments over sexual morality itself, this is a peripheral topic. It’s a resultant of our hyperpoliticized sociocultural milieu. The Left might soon find its ass in a crack over this. The evidence of its bad faith is growing too copious, and too well confirmed, to fan-dance it away.

     Compare the Left’s defenses of Leftist sexual predators with the Sturm und Drang over Vice-president Mike Pence’s policy of never being alone with a woman other than his wife. That’s the sort of self-protection a conservative politician must adopt today. But the Left attempted to turn it into a criticism of Pence.

     Pence doesn’t belong to the right union. Or perhaps it’s that he belongs to the Right union, whose members take sexual predation seriously. The secretions flow much more freely in the other tent.


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ligneus said...

Comment on this topic from The Scratching Post, one of the small blogs I've followed on and off for years. He, like our Fran, has much common sense.