Monday, November 6, 2017

Sutherland Springs

     By now the news of the mass shooting at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas is all over the nation. The families of the dead are grieving; the gun-controllers are wringing their hands and thundering; and the news media are doing their “Iowahawk thing:”

     Journalism is about covering important stories. With a pillow, until they stop moving. – David “Iowahawk” Burge

     Here’s what has been verified so far:

  • The murderer’s name was Devin Patrick Kelley.
  • He was 26 years old. Note the word was, as he’s now dead.
  • He served in the Air Force, but in 2012 was court-martialed for an assault on his wife and child and received a Bad Conduct Discharge.
  • Owing to Bad Conduct Discharge, he was not legally allowed to own firearms.
  • An armed citizen interrupted Kelley’s murder spree and caused him to flee.

     There have been speculations about Kelley’s motive, of course. Some attribute the spree to Kelley’s supposed hatred of religion, and cite his Facebook “likes” as evidence. Others claim that he had recently converted to Islam. These claims and others are being investigated as we speak.

     One thing is perfectly clear: the totalitarian cupidity of the gun grabbers and the hatred of the Left for Texas, Texans, and Donald Trump know no bounds. A few tweets:

Sutherland Springs is in rural Texas, these were all likely 45 voters.
This is karma in action.
Good riddance.
— Antonio E. Gonzalez (@ReFlex76) November 5, 2017

I’ve been depressed, and suffering from a migraine all weekend.
Gotta admit, this Texas thing has made me kinda happy.
Sweet karma.
— Antonio E. Gonzalez (@ReFlex76) November 5, 2017

misandrist @nkem_x
Another day, another church shooting. This time in good ol' trigger happy Texas.
2:53 PM - Nov 5, 2017

A few less Trump voters, fine by me
— Jonathan Chexmix (@jchexmix) November 5, 2017

TokyoRosa @TokyoRosa
“Follow me, and let the dead bury their own dead” (Matthew 8:22). Good riddance to all Trump voters = @GOP #thoughtsandprayers
8:20 PM - Nov 5, 2017

let's face it: we're glad it wasn't educated people we care about who got killed. these are Trump voters, fuck 'em
— Jonathan Chexmix (@jchexmix) November 5, 2017

     For me, the above samples of viciousness, along with such emissions as the famous “Joanne98” rant “Don’t Cry For Me, Dirtsville Texas, exemplify the purest evil known to Mankind. The wonder of it is how many of them there are.

     These are people who utterly lack empathy – what Adam Smith called “fellow-feeling.” Yet they say we in the Right are “uncompassionate.” They’re perfectly happy with the murders of those who disagree with them politically. Yet they call us “fascists.” They seek to confiscate our instruments of self-defense and grant the government a monopoly of all weapons. Yet they accuse us of “paranoia.” They have made politically founded hatred into their religion. Yet they call us “haters,” and our contrary opinions “hate speech.”

     Some day, at a calmer time among saner people, scholars of mental pathology will unearth these bits of madness for study. Some, freshly acquainted with such history, will wonder why decent Americans allowed such villains to live among them. Others will counter that they were “sick” and will style their outpourings as “cries for help.” Still others will rave that their venom was just a consequence of their “oppression.”

     All I can do is pray for them. It’s very hard, but I’ll manage.


HoundOfDoom said...

Their comments are instructive. They show they want us dead. So based on that, you can see that alliances w/Soros or ISIS are not so far fetched after all. The left made common cause w/N. Vietnam during that war, and directly caused the deaths of our soldiers, as well as betraying the people of S. Vietnam, causing untold deaths of hundreds of thousands if not millions.

So take these comments for what they are - a battle cry against Americans. As surely as "Allah Akbar', despite their attempts to sanitize that as well.

Mark said...

It seems every day I find more evidence to support the conclusion that I have wasted my adult life in an Air Force career and as a defense contractor. There just doesn't seem to be much left worth defending. Certainly, cretins like those mentioned in your post are completely undeserving of the years I've spent in this business.

On top of that, far too many people are willingly destroying (or urinating on) that which I and my compatriots have labored to defend.

If you can find it in your heart to pray for them, you are a much better man than I am.

MMinLamesa said...

The worm will turn Francis, it always does. When it does, the question is, are you going to help whats left of these REgressives after the SHTF first wave die off takes most of them to the next plain?

I'm afraid my other cheek is slapped silly.

Mark Zanghetti said...

I pray for this country and that includes all of it's citizens, that is as close as I can get to praying for them. One of this countries founding principles is that because of the first amendment we must defend opinions that are diametrically opposed to ours, even speech we find offensive. This is obviously such a case, I am not sorry that I spent time defending this country, I am proud of the principles this country is founded upon. I still find those opinions offensive, but I can dismiss them as unkind and unfeeling. That the same people would never go to war to defend those same rights of mine I would bet money on with a high probability of winning. This is still the greatest country on earth in terms of founding principles and individual freedom. I wouldn't change that for anything and I hope you wouldn't either. I hate what happened in the church on Sunday and deeply wish it hadn't, but we cannot ignore that evil exists. God bless Texas.