Saturday, November 4, 2017

Europe's descent.

European politicians had another reason for accepting US domination [other than avoiding, during the Cold War, the manly obligation of military defense]. They were erecting the world’s most generous welfare states. Money saved on defense spending was spent on benefits. With little protest Europeans also swallowed high and steeply progressive tax rates in return for state-provided largess.[1]
It's worse than that. Europe's military – and every European nation has one – is just for show. Not in E. Europe, of course, but everywhere else. If the Italian navy is representative, and it is, it's maintained for its dedication to the "humanitarian" mission. Excursion boats and water taxis with armor plate and spiffy uniforms. Name one troop anywhere in Europe who fired a shot at invading Africans and Muslims with deadly intent. The border fence in Spain's African colony? A trifling inconvenience for invaders. The Spanish military neutered and humiliated. A mere 175 miles of Bulgarian and Greek border with Turkey and 3.5 million active and reserve military in Europe? Not one troop on that border. It would sully European honor.

Conscripts in the Dutch army even during the Cold War wept copious tears over the right to wear hair nets for their flowing tresses. French cities are colonized by primitives and where is the French military? Off bombing Libya, of course.

Europe is reaping the whirlwind for handing political power to midgets and trolls who live to betray their countries. As for the Islamic invasion and very obvious intent to take over? Think of Marty Feldman's classic line, "What hump?" Only minor opposition to the ultra-left agenda exists. Lying swine like Frans Timmermans hold forth still at the highest level of the E.U. Diversity as mankind's destiny. Sign us up!

It's as Mr. Gore says – lost testicles.

[1] "Europe’s Lost Testicles, by Robert Gore." By Robert Gore, Straight Line Logic, 10/18/17.

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