Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Why, the COMMUNIST Hollywood blacklist, of course:

Orson [Bean] is a case study in how the [Hollywood] blacklist ensnared innocents. But even after his ordeal, he is clear on how the era got kicked off. “The blacklist of people on the left grew out of a defacto blacklist of people on the right within the industry,” recalls Orson. “There was communist directors, members of The Party, who only would cast you if you were also a member of The Party, or they were trying to woo you as a member of The Party. A lot of rightwing actors…were really furious at them. So when the Cold War happened…these rightwing actors, who had been seething for years about the way the communists were infiltrating the Hollywood business and were infiltrating the unions too, took their revenge. I don’t think that story’s ever been written because it’s not attractive for the Left.”

Orson isn’t alone in remembering this lost history.[1]

Read the article and you'll never wonder why the number of Hollywood films about the Soviet Gulag can be counted on the fingers of one hand. There is one and only one theme about the 20th-century that ever sees the light of day in Hollywood – the hideous evil of "right-wing" National Socialism. Stray off the ultra-left reservation established by Hollywood and prepare yourself for a new career selling auto parts or delivering pizza.

As an aside, people who work in auto parts and hardware stores have a great reservoir of common sense and human relations. Forget Buckley's phone book as a pool of potential governors. Go with those other great people.

[1] "Tinseltown Travelogue. Paty Two." By Patrick Courrielche with Adryana Cortez, Breitbart, c. 10/26/17.

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