Thursday, July 25, 2019


     (No, this won’t be a piece about the Rolling Stones.)

     Robert Mueller’s testimony before Congress yesterday utterly baffled unbiased onlookers who paid it any attention. The supposed head of the “Russian collusion” investigation into the 2016 presidential election didn’t appear to know anything about...well, about anything. He waffled. He evaded. He refused to answer many questions. He appeared totally uninformed about what was in the report that was produced by his investigators and has been tagged with his name. Anyone truly dispassionate about the enveloping controversy would have been left scratching his head and asking himself “What was that supposed to be about?”

     Congressional Democrats were displeased, to say the very least. They’d hoped for the Big One, the missile that would finally bring down the Trump Ascendancy. The Mueller Report had given them nothing. Perhaps Mueller himself could supply the missing ingredients. As Mollie Hemingway put it, they’d hoped that “the movie would be better than the book.”

     But all Mueller’s appearance did was to suggest that the special counsel appointed for this supposedly critical task was detached from his own supposed investigation. Indeed, at several points his testimony suggested that he’s become detached from reality.

     And it’s not merely the Democrats who are disappointed:

     Those four links cost me all of ninety seconds at Breitbart. I could provide more, but I think my Gentle Readers will get the point.

     I’m unsure about just what we’re seeing here. I don’t think “partisanry” is an adequate description. There’s too much unconcealed hatred and too much unbottled rage on display. Is this what we see in the final stages of the disintegration of a major political party? Did something like this happen to the Whigs?

     I think we’d have to see political prisoners thrown into giant pits of vipers on live TV to get any more lurid – or horrifying. As public spectacles are rated, this one is right up there with the slaughters of Christians by wild animals in the old Roman Coliseum. It’s definitely not laugh material, regardless of whatever quantity of Right-inclined laughter we might hear.

     The Left is desperate. Desperate people do desperate things. They stake it all on long odds. They grasp at their sole remaining chance to prevail, however slender, and refuse to look past it. And if possible, they shave the dice, tilt the pinball machine, bribe the refs.

     This is the hour of maximum danger.

     Recall how many Left-inclined commentators and spokesmen have worried publicly about the outbreak of a second civil war, fomented by us in the Right. Leftist mouthpieces have a history of “worrying” about what the Right will do, while (or just before) the Left does that exact thing. That is where the Republic stands as you read this.

     There’s no need for me to wrap hundreds more words around this matter. The writing on the wall is large enough to be read from orbit.

     Be watchful. Be prepared. Know what you’re willing to do, should it come to the rub. Make sure those around you know it too.

     And pray.



"The Left is desperate. Desperate people do desperate things. They stake it all on long odds. They grasp at their sole remaining chance to prevail, however slender, and refuse to look past it. And if possible, they shave the dice, tilt the pinball machine, bribe the refs."

A number of things to unpack here.

1. They are VERY desperate. Their masks are slipping and, worse, they KNOW their masks are slipping. That's why, for example, a Left-leaning article just came out talking about how the Left's open support of NO BORDERS is hurting them. It wasn't a plea to reconsider the position... it was a plea to shut up about it.

2. The Left also understands that they have been playing the LONG GAME very successfully. The Gramscian drip-drip-drip long march. But they see, now, that there is an awakening to this tactic.

3. They also grasp that they are no longer being considered the "loyal opposition" but rather the "treasonous cancer" by an increasing number of people.

4. They've shown they're willing to use violence. Openly. Those in power are willing to commit sedition (e.g., sanctuary cities).

Yes, it's time to be VERY careful. Trump winning in 2020 (please G-d!) will set them off. And a large part of this is their belief they are the noble, enlightened, more educated Philosopher-Kings. "The ones they've been waiting for". A second rejection of their Rule will send them spiraling down.

syd B. said...

I'm not convinced that the Progressives have any real interest in impeaching Trump, as such a move at this point could have negative impact on their 2020 aspirations. They do wish to continue talking about it, however. As the fire in the belly emotions on the subject had taken a good soaking after the Mueller Report was released, they needed some rationale to continue throwing it on the breakfast table every morning, from now until the elections. Without new material, it would have become impossible to keep people angry, so they set out to create enough doubt about the original interpretation of the report to provide months of analysis and discussion, aided and fed by their media partners, of cource.

Thankfully, Mr. Mueller failed to provide such doubt and in fact, probably closed the door on the subject just a little tighter. The Rebublican participants in the hearing were, indeed, very well prepared and cooridnated and as such, were most effective in drawing attention to the dark elements of the Mueller efforts. Now, the Dems have but two choices. Continue on with the Russian hoodwinkery, or stop talking about it and hope that people forget about the hoax aspect. By doing so, they would be admitting defeat, which to any clear thinking being, is already quite obvious. But, at least they would stop the bleading of this ugly wound and allow the spotlight to return to the bag full of candidates who are vying to become POTUS. Remeber them?

Trump in 2020.

robins111 said...

Ronbo said...

An excellent article, as usual!

I've posted a link to it on my blog. Also a hat tip to Remus at the Woodpile Report who led me here.

Yes, you are totally correct in your logic - desperate people do desperate things. This is called in football, "The Hail Mary Play" to win a good-as-lost game.

My prediction of 2005 remains on the table: INSURRECTION/CIVIL WAR - This is the fatal card to be played by the Left. Violence...ULTRA VIOLENCE.

This did not work well for the South in 1861-65.

Joe said...

Above all, pray.


Putting together multiple, disparate pieces... IMHO it's clear the Left is not just going to "11" but to infinity on smearing Trump and anyone who supports him as RAAAAAACIST, and worse. Therefore, as utterly and irredeemably EVIL.

As a local talk show host pointed out a couple of days ago, they're going to pull out all the stops. In the enemedia, culturally, in the polls, etc. Enemedia persons have said "We're going to get Trump out BAMN". And it WILL be BAMN. For when faced with EVIL (that's us), no holds are barred.