Friday, July 12, 2019

Propaganda onslaught.

One thing not to be forgotten is that when the takfiris finally were pushed out of Douma, a makeshift chemical weapons factory, complete with how-to-make instructions and receipts for the machinery and chemical compounds received, was found underground in an elaborate network of tunnels.

Neither the factory nor the tunnels, nor the brutal nature of the takfiris holding Douma, or their previous crimes, including their previous alleged use of chemical weapons were items for show or discussion in the media.

Neither was the story one of armed fanatics taking over a district close to a national capital and holding its citizens hostage. Neither was the story one of foreign governments and the armed groups they were supporting besieging an entire country. The facts were reversed so that it was the Syrian government and army laying siege to its own people and killing them with chemical weapons.

Over the past eight years, the propaganda onslaught by these governments and the corporate media has been total. [1]

That "laying siege to your own people and killing them" notion is intriguing. I can't think of any incident in history where any leader set out to do that, where it was his principal objective. "Got to kill my peeps, yo."

Civilians invariably suffer when there's a war but when a city or area is besieged, encircled, or targeted, the general is not after his own citizens but rather the enemy amongst them. But the contrary notion about the Syrian government is what's been peddled with malice aforethought to Western audiences.

The U.S., Britain, France, Germany, NATO, and members of the accursed coalition waging war on Syria and, soon, on Iran, are party to a dishonorable, filthy enterprise. Whatever good will the U.S. had from its good works in the post-war world has been squandered for no good purpose. Malevolence, theft, and aggressive, unconstitutional war are the order of the day.

[1] "The End of Truth as We Know It – Or Knew It." By Jeremy Salt, American Herald Tribune, 2/21/19.


Sanders said...

Janet Reno says, "Hi".

Col. B. Bunny said...

A good point. Whether it was the express intention of the attacking government forces to ignite the fire that killed so many of the Branch Davidians, I cannot say. However, any decent person had to notice the immense force marshaled by the government and BATF was motivated to play cowboy because it was under some kind of pressure then. Budgetary, I think. Bottom line, I think it was an instance of political cowardice of the first rank, bureaucratic opportunism, and leftist posturing over cults, Christian groups, and guns. A concerted attack on the Davidians for the express purpose of killing them ordered by the top executive official doesn't seem likely.