Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Beatles Reference

"All You Need is LOVE".

Right Geek talks about professed WANTS, and deeply felt NEEDS, and how government cannot, should not, give you the latter.

The perspective of the socially awkward is one that should be seen; muffling such not-emotionally warm opinions from the James Damores is one that excludes their input because - they don't express themselves in the "correct" way. Like their way of interacting with the world or not, they have a right to participate in public debates and express their opinions.

But, that's not the Way of the Left - for them, if you don't hold conventional opinions, if you express yourself in non-PC terms, if you open the door to challenging their deeply-held prejudices (such as the idea that men and women are EXACTLY like each other in every way, unless THEY want to emphasize their unique qualities for their own benefit), well, you DESERVE their scorn, hatred, and exclusion from the workplace or other public settings.

I get what she is writing about; I come from a family FILLED with geeky, nerdy, and just plain socially awkward folks. They're good people, just not good at interacting with those outside of the family circle. Part of why I married the man I did is that:

  • He was, and is, comfortable with social interactions, even with strangers
  • He leans towards the extrovert side
  • He helped me to function with the external world with some degree of ease
  • We had STRONG chemistry (hey, it's important!)
I had offers from other geeky men - but I had a strong sense that our children would benefit from "mixing up the gene pool" in terms of emotional and social interactions.

Which they did - all are far less socially isolated and better at emotional interactions than my family. Still lean to the nerd side, but, able to make their way in the world.

Society benefits from input from those who don't go along with the crowd; those people might not express their dissidence in PC ways, but they need to be heard from. Using the heavy hand of government to force them to either conform, or to shut up, is just wrong.

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