Friday, July 19, 2019

Some Low-Key Common Sense on Trump

Which, as we all know, is rare.

Here's a link to some non-bombastic, low-key appraisal of Trump's progress.

Trump is decidedly NOT a perfect man - not even close. His flaws are obvious (mostly because the Leftists are so eager to point them out).

We didn't vote for the Archangel - we voted for the best opportunity we'd had in years to stop the Leftist Avalanche. Trump's successes have been sufficient that I'm planning to return him to office in 2020. SMART politicians, rather than challenging him, would focus their efforts on helping him get his reforms in motion, vocally supporting his successes, and PRIVATELY communicating their disagreements.

The goal, for SMART politicians, is to position oneself as a good choice for successor. If that's the plan, those guys need to make sure that they are onboard with the major components of the program - AND that they dedicate themselves to learning some things about strategy and tactics from a guy who knows how to get things done.

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glasslass said...

Nobody in Congress or the cabinet seems a likely successor. I do think that Nikki Haley could be in a great position in 2022 if she supports and keeps herself out of trouble.