Saturday, July 27, 2019

Frankenstein capitalism.

It's one of my favorite points about what is criticized by the left and other weakminded people. The idea that what we witness today is "capitalism." That's like saying a feminist can be a lovely, desirable woman:
Many people fail to understand that the banking class also has controlled the curricula of business schools for centuries, and consequently ensure that millions of students are falsely taught that free markets exist and free market capitalism is the dominant economic model that exists in G8 nations that dominate the world economy. Because of this belief that is 100% false, advocates of socialism and democratic socialism like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders have been able to accrue massive support upon the false premise that capitalism has failed. When we make a claim that capitalism has failed, we can’t intellectually critique a grotesque form of capitalism that has stripped most essential elements of free market capitalism out of the model and then criticize that the model of capitalism has failed. Such criticisms are tantamount to critiquing current dominant academic models that are more intent on socially conditioning students to become compliant and obedient and claiming that the teaching of intellect has failed. Since academia in its current dominant form today shows no interest in shaping intellectual young adults, the claim that teaching intellect has failed is not relevant to an academic system that does not have this as one of its goals. It is quite clear that the economic models in place in nearly every nation has failed, and failed miserably . . . .[1]
The Chinese have a delightful saying that is a masterpiece of brevity: kai men jian shan. Literally, "open door look [at] mountain." Or, "could we please just stop kidding ourselves and look at what's really happening?" An earthier rendering is possible but not to be supplied here on this most elegant of blogs.

The entire West is pursuing the model of limitless free stuff from the government/productive class, endless wealth production by magical processes, white people as the source of all evil, fiat currency as the genius option, Everests of debt as without consequences, minorities and foreigners as our superiors and our salvation, and native-people electorates as poeple whose views are contemptible. The Western political and economic models are worthless and built on sand.

Effective Western leadership class response? Nonexistent.

[1] "The Death of Capitalism, Redux for 2019." By maalamalama, ZeroHedge, 7/27/19 (emphasis added).



When the crash comes, and it's coming, it's going to be spectacular. Catastrophic, but spectacular nonetheless.

Sorry, Francis, I hope you'll agree I've not been abusing the privilege of occasionally self-referencing, but this is IMHO absolutely apropos to the topic:

Col. B. Bunny said...

A long time ago, it was possible to turn away from disaster. Even as late as the civil rights catastrophe we could have turne back but we chose racial privilege and the subsidization of sloth and bastardy.

Then there was the Supreme Court betrayal in the form of failing to enforce the Commerce Clause and eviscerating the grand constitutional scheme.

Before that, it was the Federal Reserve, the income tax, the direct election of senators, and, I often believe, the 19th Amendement (with apologies to many fine women fighters for liberty and sanity).

The quest for the universal franchise probably what was our undoing. The most ignorant and uncivilized came to play a swing vote role and after that it was Democrat pandering and sychophancy with a dash of the MIC complex to effect a crucial debasement of the nation as a warfare state.