Friday, July 5, 2019

Quickies: The 2nd Will Take The 1st With It

     Remember – anyone who wants you disarmed wants you defenseless, and no one who wants you defenseless wants it because it’s good for you. – Kurt Schlichter

     Anyone aware of what’s been happening in Portland and other Antifa-infested locales should also be aware that those faggots don’t act up in places that respect the right to keep and bear arms. They know what would happen to them. They need citizen disarmament and passive cooperation from the police to get away with their assaults. Even so, cameras being ubiquitous today, they disguise themselves to prevent identification. They also disguise their violent intentions by carrying weapons that don’t appear to be weapons. Why else would they be toting “milkshakes” filled with quick drying cement and – we’ve been told to expect this – balloons filled with hydrochloric acid?

     If you live in a locale where Antifa has made an appearance, or will plausibly make one in the foreseeable future, arm yourself before going out. Even in ratholes like Portland, you can carry a weapon that can’t be outlawed. Your possession of a walking stick, a mountaineer’s staff, or a collapsible baton cannot be used to prosecute you. (While the same is true for a rifle or shotgun, the police in most cities will immediately converge on a man openly carrying one and haul him away.)

     It doesn’t matter if you rigorously avoid public demonstrations and gatherings. You are in danger every second of your life. The danger varies directly with the square of the number of people who could hit you with a rock or a “milkshake.” In these times, if you’ve ever expressed a right-of-center political opinion, you must act as if everyone on Earth is aware of it...and that some dickless leftist moron unable or unwilling to argue for his position will try to hurt you for it.

     Your rights depend completely upon your readiness, willingness, and ability to defend them with violence. That applies quite as much to the right to speak your mind as to any other.

     The fascists cannot argue, so they kill. – Victor Marguerite

     No one ever won a war by playing defense. Allow yourself no illusions: we are at war. Ultimately, we cannot end this pestilence without going on offense: hunting down the allegiants of Antifa and exterminating them to the last “man.” It must happen. It will happen. The only question is what it will take to get the cleansing started.



They already throw urine; they already throw feces-bombs. In Portland they threw caustics: quick dry cement.

In England, after Brexit Party's Nigel Farange was "milkshaked", someone commented (twitter?) that it's a pity it wasn't an acid attack.

They've already tried to assassinate Republican congressmen. They assault people; the list is legion. Sooner or later, as myriad others have observed, someone's going to get killed. And, doubtless, there will be those who cheer it... and then are inspired to emulate it.

FYI, I'm including this in my next QUICK HIT compilation so hopefully it seers a few new eyes your way.

Paul Bonneau said...

One can go overboard with antifa paranoia. I've lived in the Portland area for decades. Portland by and large is a very nice city with decent people (most of whom are white, heh). There are only a few blocks in the downtown area where these demonstrations take place, and those happen only rarely. It's simply not a part of the reality of 99% of Portlanders.

Yeah, Portlanders tend to be liberal, but they are still nice - except during campaign season when R campaign signs get trashed.

If I had to live in a big city, I'd still pick Portland over almost any other city. As it is, I moved across the river to Vancouver, because the Oregon estate tax is so high, and that is lately becoming a consideration. The state government is shit, just like the Portland city government.

I will admit the downtown area is getting dirtier. It's why I rarely go there any more.

Dreg O'Humanity said...

Portland has outlawed open carry of firearms, but concealed carry is still lawful for those of us who hold the required permit. Contrary to what Paul Bonneau said, Portland is not a "very nice city" anymore. It's a shithole, overrun with vagrants, addicts, lunatics and assorted riff-raff of every stripe. Ted Wheeler, the nancyboy Mayor of "Mordor on the Willamette" and Danielle Outlaw, his Chief of Police, have simply given up on enforcing the law - at least when such enforcement might inconvenience the Left.
One of these days some Black Bloc Antifa scum will come up against an armed citizen who understands the rules of engagement governing the use of lethal force in self-defense. On that day we'll see the first long-overdue Antifa casualties.