Thursday, September 18, 2014

Color-blind idiocy.

What did Kotkin and the “pro-immigrant” crowd think would happen when we admitted never ending waves of non-white immigrants from the authoritarian, lawless chaotic kleptocracies of Africa and Latin America?

Did no one expect that the immigrants would bring their style of government with them wherever they go, along with the rest of their enriching qualities, like drunk driving, gang membership, honor killings, genital mutilation, and rampant out-of-wedlock birth? [Between Crime, Separatism, and Racial Tensions, Can Spain Pull Through? By Malcolm Bieth, The Atlantic Monthly, July 24, 2013]

This color-blind idiocy of liberal (and too many “conservative”) Americans is astonishing. Since 1965, America has admitted the poorest, most ignorant, most anti-white immigrants we can find.

"Joel Kotkin Surprised by “Progressive Clerisy” (Hint: Think Non-White Population Growth)." By Thomas Martel, Vdare, 9/15/14 (links omitted).

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Joseph said...

I thought we already had a "liberal fascist" clerisy. We can start with the "Fairness Doctrine" that guaranteed that ideological range of the broadcast media went from A to B. We can continue with FDR's gold heist, the nationalization of Montgomery Ward, and confiscatory tax rates on an unpopular minority.