Monday, September 15, 2014

We victims!

An order, in which all those are excused for their present misdeeds that claim victim status for their ancestors, will end in disorder.
"The Failure Of Liberalism?" By George Handlery, The Brussels Journal, 8/26/14.


  1. In Gilbert and Sullivan's "The Pirates of Penzance" one of the greatest failings of the pirates was to give a free pass to any that claimed to be an orphan. So, all their intended victims claimed to be orphans.

    Not that I'd expect a vast majority of people to recognize the operetta or the allusion, much less draw my intended conclusion.

  2. I love G&S but alas missed that delightful vignette.

  3. The title and video remind me of the movie 'The Crow'. When he kills TinTin.
    "Victims, aren't we all."
    If I have to be classified as a victim, I think I will choose Eric's victim hood.

  4. The feeblest of push back will have positive results. Think Tea Party Lite. But Westerners seem incapable even of that. If a foreigner or minority says "eek" all the fight goes out of them.


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