Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dudley Do-Right didn’t.

The U.S. is a total failure at rewiring the Islamic world, the impossible dream of disastrous wars and other interventions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, "the Middle East peace process" and elsewhere. Now, with predictably tragic consequences, we're about to do it again.[1]
But we meant well, and, besides, we’re Americans. Sorry about Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, and Somalia.

On to Russia.

[1]  "When Lawmakers Forget the American Interest." By Diana West, 9/19/14.


Reg T said...

You simply cannot re-wire muslims. Their 7th century ideology is based on a philosophy of "my way or the highway", and they have no desire to join the rest of the world in co-existing and playing nice with others.

Our government's attempts to instill "democracy" in a third-world, 7th century culture was always doomed to failure. These "natives" don't want the benefits of civilization, they want to force everyone else to be reduced to their level and their rules.

Fighting governments that are oppressing their citizens and killing them in large numbers is one thing. Fighting countries whose citizens have no desire to change their living conditions or status is not only foolhardy and wasteful of the lives of our military, it is completely unethical.

Col. B. Bunny said...

I can't improve on that. The rejection of science and free intellectual inquiry has to be noted. Physics students at a university in Pakistan heard about tectonic plate shifts but concluded that it was Allah who had caused the earthquakes. Islam gives new meaning to the word "obscurantism."

The image of crabs in a bucket pulling back individual crabs climbing out is the best representation of Islam of all time.