Monday, September 8, 2014

Only explanation.

The core myth that must be upheld is of white malice, the only acceptable explanation for the social and civilizational failure of the black race.
"Taking A Month Off from the Cold Civil War." By John Derbyshire, Vdare, 9/1/14.

H/t: "The Unz Reader."


månesteiner said...

"By 2012 it was de rigeur to believe that black Americans tiptoe through life in mortal terror of white malignity... The core myth that must be upheld is of white malice." -Derbyshire

And in 2014, despite decades of evidence to the contrary, the only reason this myth prevails is that the majority of whites in America support it. They get what they deserve.

Col. B. Bunny said...

The Constitution of the U.S. has been set aside and a monstrosity of a federal government has been enthusiastically supported by citizen and politician alike. The most basic fact of the U.S. -- that it is a white, European nation -- has been moved into the broom closet and replaced, quite without protest, by the absurd notion that this is a "propositional" nation. Good luck finding two propositions on which Americans agree. And this absurd notion has justified the ongoing replacement of the founding peoples of this nation by third-world peoples, among whom are primitives who will never even consider assimilating into the majority culture. Americans have also willingly accepted the debasement of the notions of citizenship and sovereignty by illegal immigration.

Given this backdrop, why would whites refuse to accept racial and social ideas that fly in the face of all empirical evidence?

You are correct that we are getting what we deserve when we fail to exercise the most rudimentary critical thinking. Our spine has been bred out of us in one generation.