Thursday, September 25, 2014

Stuff Dubya Didn’t Do

So! You’re entranced by Obama’s “firsts,” are you, you prog tranzi relativist, you?

Add your contributions below.


Weetabix said...

Bush's Attorney General didn't refuse to prosecute blatant election intimidation by the Black Panthers.

Bush didn't create a "healthcare" system so badly designed that it's poised to wreck 20% of the economy while forcing people off of the plans they were promised they could keep.

Bush didn't alienate most of our allies with his feckless arrogance.

Bush didn't embolden our enemies (Putin, jihadists, China, etc) with his hesitant foreign policy bumbling.

Bush didn't take a bribe from Soylandra via campaign contributions, then give them $535 million for a radical technology previously judged unfeasible.

Flyover Pilgrim said...

Bush didn't forge his birth certificate.

Bush didn't seal his college and grad school records.

Bush didn't have sealed court documents 'leaked' to destroy his opponent in a Senate election.

Reg T said...

Bush didn't frequent Chicago area bath houses.

Bush didn't enter a heterosexual marriage strictly for political gain.

Bush didn't appoint Marxist fellow-travelers to the Supreme Court.

Bush didn't ride a girl's step-through bicycle, he flew a military jet.

Bush didn't play golf while Americans were being beheaded.