Saturday, April 8, 2017

America knows best.

Lost in oblivion [i.e., totally ignored], also predictably, was Russia's deputy UN ambassador Vladimir Safronkov shattering to bits the West's "obsession with regime change” in Syria, which is “what hinders this Security Council."[1]
For a few minutes there it looked like the U.S. was abandoning its absurd objective of paving the way for Assad's replacement by some jihadi animal faction. Now it looks like we're back to the Obama Doctrine – Assad, must go!

The "brutal dictator" thing that's brought up in connection with Bashar al-Assad is juvenile. The presidents of South Africa and Zimbabwe are far more deserving of removal, the South African guy having a peculiar blind spot for the murder and dispossession of white farmers in his country.

In addition to which, the U.S. – with its fellow British, German, French, Norwegian, Saudi, and Qatari "coalition" members – aids and abets jihadi scum, draws in more jihadi scum from all points of the compass (turning the Syrian war into anything but a civil war that John Bolton thinks it is) and turns Syria into a free fire zone. Then, when Assad and his followers fight back in this war against them initiated by the U.S. and other civilized nation it seems, every last civilian casualty is laid at Assad's doorstep.

As though no civilians died in Fallujah when the U.S. waged war there or any other place where we've gone to war. Yes, Assad's the one. Assad the killer.

Get rid of him and our work is done.

[1] "Syria: The Toxic Meltdown." By Pepe Escobar, Sputnik, 4/6/17.


HoundOfDoom said...

Agree 100&, though we are in the minority on this. Only other issue I can think of is the need to stop the 'refugee crisis' by providing 'safe spaces' for them in their home countries. Though I don't believe that dispossessing Assad would do that, it may be the feeble reed upon which Trump is hanging his freshly bellicose behaviour.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Time was that I thought there was a certain morality to what we did in the world. The picture of Obama bowing and scraping before the Saudi king pretty much put paid to that notion. If you are familiar with that photo of the gent in Paris with tears in his eyes as he watched the Germans parade in the street is close to what I felt then and since about the suicide of our civilization.

I have maintained that Trump has a visceral patriotism and innate common sense and he does. However, he's not a deep thinker and is allowing himself to be distracted by really minor stuff. Syria isn't our deal and our policy is a "let no sparrow fall/oh, look, a squirrel" policy. Instead of getting on Assad's case he ought to be hammering the bleeping Europeans for surrendering to the Islamic scum and African parasites and rapists. I swear the man can't stay focused.

I sure hope he's not thinking of safe spaces for any people anywhere in the M.E. Not our job for one and for another, if we'd stop facilitating the darn Saudis and the M.B. in the M.E. we could wrap things up there and leave them to rape, burn, and cut each other to their hearts' content.

We need to focus on getting Muslims and mosques out of the U.S. not Turks, Saudis, Chechens, and Tunisians out of Syria. I do think we owe it to Assad and his people to help them clean house since we're the ones responsible for the Syrian tragedy.

Col. B. Bunny said...


Safe Zones As Soft Military Occupation: Trump's Plan For Syria, Iraq Is Taking Shape

The Trump administration is moving closer to its goal of creating “safe zones” within Syria. Though this strategy may be described as a humanitarian effort, the sizable increase in military presence that it will bring looks more like an invasion in disguise.