Thursday, February 1, 2018

Democracy is dead.

In our one-dollar-one-vote nation living area it is dead. Ours is a mere geographical area peopled by large numbers of disconnected, entitled, rent-seeking pseudo-citizens. Here, as elsewhere in the Western world, the notion that public policy is rational and based on the elites’ principled advancement of the interests of the nation as a whole is passé. The video of the black woman exulting over her Obama pho tells one all one needs to know about the ultimate destination of once vigorous nations that make universal suffrage the Holy Grail of public policy. Give the vote to stupid people! Or, more recently, convicted felons and illegal immigrants! What could go wrong?

The deeply-embedded legal atrocity of affirmative action that advances the interests of recent Nigerian and Mexican immigrants over those of natural born Americans similarly highlights the fatal confusion in a culture hurtling into the depths of anarchy and sought-after, celebrated stupidity.

. . . [T]he world has been following the French Revolution narrative now for two-and-a-quarter centuries, and that narrative has failed because democracy did not deliver a Utopia, but instead a globalist dystopia that erased not just class but heritage, customs, values, and families.

What we call “populism” is the transition between a world order based around the individual as an equal unit in fungible nations to a civilization format based in social order, shared values and heritage, and a virulent realism that rejects the happy clique [collection] of self-reinforcing illusions which is created by the presumption of being “good” that liberal democracy conveys.

For the past two centuries, the West has seen a minority of neurotics in each country seize power on the pretext of making us all “equal,” and then failing to achieve that while steadily grinding away at any kind of social order, hierarchy, or values system. The result has been massively destructive to the point where, while our technology has improved, everything else is in decline.

It took us many years to see Leftism reach its endgame, however. When it became clear that this endgame was a mixed-race world where a few cynical rich manipulators ruled over a vast mass of impoverished people of no clear heritage, and that this transformation was already ruining America and Europe, people started to think more critically about pleasant ideas like diversity, pluralism, and equality.[1]
In the paragraph immediately following this superb passage, Mr. Stevens says that the “rise of the far-Right, who are defined by their nationalism or the idea that a nation is comprised of a single ethnic group, shows that diversity is over.” Well, you can take that to the bank though Stevens is in error to say this is a position taken by the “far-Right.” There’s nothing “far” about it. In fact, the current insanity is what is lunatic and extremist. Leftism with its hostility (1) to the Constitution and the rule of law and (2) to less than totalitarian government is what has brought us to this point. "Neurotics" doesn't begin to describe these freaks.

That’s what you call “far” by any calculation and what Stevens thinks is far-Right is merely the stirring of normal people who never in their wildest dreams considered that putative normal, intelligent, patriotic fellow citizens would deliberately flood their beloved country with hate-filled, indigestible foreigners intent on being parasites and inflicting the worst kind of ignorance and dhimmitude on them. Little were we able to understand that a disease had inflicted millions of our “fellow citizens” with a passion for degradation and suicide. Tucker Carlson has a strong stomach to contend with most of the guests on his TV show but he strips them of all credibility to reveal their stupidity, their mendacity, and their dishonest determination to answer any and every question except the ones Tucker asks.

Righteous anger of long-suffering normal, hard-working patriotic whites is more like what we’re seeing. But the usual semantic nonsense that places National Socialism and fascism on the “far right” has great currency, so don’t be surprised if normal love of one’s own people and homeland is casually dismissed in this way.

Still, Stevens’s point is well taken. Anyone extolling the wonders of diversity is going to be dismissed out of hand for the moron (or demon) he or she is. Everything else in our lunatic culture is but a rear guard action by the left. They promised utopia but delivered open sewers. People are waking up to that tragic reality. Trying to convince normal people about the wonders of diversity is like trying to convince them that what they feel falling on them is actually rain. That's where we are. The ship is taking a long time to turn around, but the rudder's cranking starboard.

[1] "Democracy And Equality Have Fallen." By Brett Stevens, Amerika, 1/30/18 (emphasis added).

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