Friday, February 2, 2018

Quickies: A Big BLEEP!ing Deal

     Well, the memo is out, and all of Mankind has read it, and a lot of people are saying “no big deal, we knew all that already.” I beg to differ. It is a big deal. Among other things, it tells us:

  • That Christopher Steele, the composer of the anti-Trump dossier, was an expressed, passionate anti-Trumper;
  • That the Steele dossier was verifiably paid for by the Clinton for President campaign;
  • That the FBI knew that;
  • That Steele’s "corroboration" came from Michael Isikoff of Yahoo! News – to whom he had leaked the contents of the dossier;
  • That former FBI director James Comey was aware that the dossier was unverified;
  • That the FBI would not have applied for a FISA warrant without it;
  • Most important of all, that the FBI, which reviewed the memo, agreed that it contained “no factual errors.”

     In other words, the memo tells us that the FBI knowingly allowed itself to be used as a political instrument in the service of a political campaign. Moreover, the FBI’s instrumentality has continued into the Trump presidency – an ongoing attempt to tarnish Trump’s election, possibly all the way to impeachment, trial, conviction, and removal. Moreover still, the Department of Justice has collaborated in the FBI’s attempts to keep that critical revelation from coming to light. That’s a big deal folks.

     It gets bigger when we factor in the collaboration of the Democrat caucus in Congress. These are people so avid for power that they’ll traduce their Constitutional oaths to bring down a president of the other party by the use of completely unverified allegations.

     I don’t think the concept of a “loyal opposition” applies to them, do you?

     What remains is to discover whether the principal actors in this corruption of a law enforcement agency into a political shillelagh will face any legal consequences.

     Have a nice evening.


daniel_day said...

Thank you for the summary and best wishes for continuing to recover from your flu.
I expect nearly all of the DP base to remain loyal or, even if they're disgusted, not refrain from voting. Sigh.

cc said...

I think you missed the Main Thing.
The fact that the FBI was "biased" is not the Main Thing, in my View. That, alone is a "Big Deal", but not the Main Thing.
"The Main Thing", in my view is:
We have a Secret Court.
We have Secret Police.
The Secret Police went to the Secret Court, and like ALL Secret Police "testifying" in a Secret Court, they made up bald-face lies about a Citizen. Like ALL Secret Police in ALL Secret Courts. All of them. Everywhere.
They did this, as they ALWAYS DO, to destroy the life of a Citizen that they disagree with.
I remember, as a kid, making fun of Germans/Russians, for putting up with this type of thing.
In Soviet Russa..., and Papers, show me your Papers! Your Papers are NOT IN ORDER!

Anyway, here we are.
So, why are these Secret Police so SLOPPY ABOUT HOW THEY DO THIS? I mean, they keep detailed records about their lies. Detailed. Records. Proof of their own lies. BECAUSE THEY WERE SURE THEY WOULD GET AWAY WITH IT!
It is sort of the point. I think they want us to know they lied, and that they got away with it. They actually want there to be a record of the fact that they lied, and got away with it.
See, it is their Narcissistic way of showing us "deplorables" that "they" are "above the law". Which automatically has the attachment "what ya gonna do about it?".
My bet is that no one actually involved goes to Prison. And that is the Main Thing.

Please remember that this was not "a few bad apples". This involves Anti-Constitutional plots by MULTIPLE HEADS of our Secret Police Services, and "Judges" that are SUPPOSED to keep the Secret Police from "coloring outside the lines". "Trust Us!", they say with a smirk.
Notice that i did NOT write "Un-Constitutional". I wrote "Anti-Constitutional". What i mean by this is that we are not dealing with "Judicial Overreach". The violators did not just "get carried away". We are dealing knowing violations by Police and Judges who see themselves as above the law. And they want us to know it.

Anyway, that is my take on it.

Reg T said...

Good points, Caleb. I will add that I have not read (haven't had a TV since 1987) of any statements from Sessions. Has he made some comments about all of this? Does the man even show up for work each day? Holder was vile, but Sessions appears to be just a joke, albeit a sad one.