Monday, February 19, 2018

The Dam is Leaking...

...the persons responsible for building it are frantically patching and slapping on duct tape.

To no avail. The Awful Truth hidden behind the dam - that Obama's DOJ CONSPIRED to commit CRIMES against Republicans/Conservative - is leaking out.

Look. I'm not a lawyer. But, even I can see that this all CAN'T be legal.

Follow the Gateway Pundit link to get Cernovich's Twitter account - he's got a LOT of information about this (or, use this link).

I think they may have found the Smoking Gun.

Actual gun not used to avoid "Triggering" people.

BTW, that old Sen. Ted Stevens "bribery" case? It's beginning to look as though that was a put-up job, too. Failure to disclose evidence that might help a defendant's case - that's what is called exculpatory evidence - is not only unethical, it's a CRIME. A prosecutor can lose his law license - and probably SHOULD - if he is guilty of hiding such evidence.


daniel_day said...

A prosecutor should lose more than just his law license for concealing exculpatory evidence, depending on the result of his/her misconduct. We the nobodies need the powerful to fear the consequences of abusing their power

Linda Fox said...

Yeah, he should suffer worse - but, come on! How likely is THAT to happen?