Saturday, February 17, 2018

The NRA is NOT the Enemy - Except in Progressive Minds

We often hear of the obscene amount of money that the NRA pumps into elections to force legislators to support its point of view on guns. Not so.
Between 1998 and 2017, the NRA spent $200 million on all political activities.  Ladies and gentlemen, that is 19 years, 20 years.  In 20 years, the NRA spent $200 million.  In 2016, alone, unions spent $1.7 billion on policy.  The NRA is not a major donor, and they are not running around with politicians in their back pockets.  The NRA is one of the largest special interest groups that has millions and millions of real American citizens as its members.  Not members of Congress.  Not the Senate. Not the House.
 Those unions, BTW, are using money FORCIBLY TAKEN from its members - who often are NOT given a choice about joining. So, how come we don't hear about the unions buying politicians?


Constitutional Insurgent said...

Reflexively blaming the NRA for violence committed with firearms...yet not blaming Ford for drunk driving deaths [for example] a lazy, vapid lieu of any intellectual discourse.

Malcolm said...

Someone suggested restricting ammunition what would that do?

daniel_day said...

We don't hear about it because the International Cinematographers Guild would instantly threaten a strike and the American Federation of Television & Radio Artists would condemn the producer and talent. Out of their feelings of brotherhood, of course.

MMinLamesa said...

In 2016 the NRA spent about ~$5M. In 2016, the teachers' unions spent ~$200M plus they put 160,000 pair of feet on the ground knocking on doors.

Our school children now rank near the bottom of almost every category vs other countries. Why aren't I seeing Kimmel noting this outrage?


We are #1 in a couple spots though. Per pupil out lay averages over $20,000 and the one category where our students are #1 is self esteem! Yah! Delusion wins!!

MMinLamesa said...

Well I have done a bit of research and find that the NRA has spent a hellava lot more then $5M-see for yourself...

and get back to me.