Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The next propaganda wave in Syria.

You can hear the propaganda engines wind up like a jet rolling to take off. This time it’s E. Ghouta in Syria that is the locus of brutal, Assadian, dictatorial, ophthalmological perfidy. Is there no end to the evil wrought by this man?

Jihadi scum are holding the civilian population hostage, at least those who aren’t their family members. Leaflets have been dropped over the area to advise civilians where safe passage out is guaranteed by the government. Those who don’t leave want to stay or are being held against their will as human shields. Don’t expect any of this to be covered by the Western press. Nor will that press tell you how the jihadis operate out of hospitals and schools. It’s win-win if the Syrians and Russians don’t bomb them and fuel for the jihadi propaganda engine if they do.

The terrorists in Ghouta won’t surrender because they are pinning their hopes on the West to help them out.[1]
There’s good reason for them to entertain such hopes.

Never forget. The jihadi animals are there and armed and dangerous because of American, Saudi, and Qatari money, arms, equipment, and supplies. The reason there is a jihadi enclave in Damascus is because of the connivance of Western and Gulf animals. The Russians and Syrian Arab Army are going to do something about that enclave to win the war that has been waged against Syria. But sure as shootin’ it’s going to be all Assad all the time. How dare he fight back. How dare he seek and accept help from his own allies.

But watch for the breast beating about E. Ghouta:

When questions were asked, the answer was always the same – civilian casualties are unavoidable in war. But if that’s true, then why has the spotlight been turned on the operation in Eastern Ghouta, which is being described as a human tragedy, while the civilian casualties inflicted during the US-led operations in the Iraqi towns of Ramadi, Fallujah, Mosul, and Raqqa received quite different coverage in the Western media? Huge numbers of civilian casualties have been described as “collateral damage” and the unfortunate, yet inevitable, side effect ofurban warfare. This double standard could not be more blatant.[2]
More from Eva Bartlett on fake E. Ghouta humanitarian “concern.”

[1] "Russia Blamed For The Eastern Ghouta Crisis: The West's Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds." By Peter Korzun, By Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge, 2/26/18.
[2] Id. Formatting removed.

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