Friday, February 2, 2018

Really Quickies: Thank You

     ...most sincerely, to all the Gentle Readers who’ve written to ask if I’m all right. I’m not, quite yet, but I think I’m getting better. With a little luck (“and sense enough not to push it,” mutters the C.S.O.) I’ll be back in form soon.

     Fatigue and pain are synergistic. When you’re tired already, pain makes it worse. Without a reserve of personal energy, it’s harder to endure the pain. If you’re bullheaded about keeping on despite it all, you can do yourself a lot of damage. Trust me on that.

     I hope to be back later with something substantive, but as usually happens when one is “out of commission” for a few days, the chores have piled up, and some of them are higher in priority than my desire to emit a tirade. Meanwhile, enjoy your Friday.


John C. said...

Relax, recover, return. Get well. We can wait.

Bill Sheffield said...

Hope you are feeling better Fran. Add age to that equation and the other variables intensify.

ligneus said...

Take your time Fran, best medicine known to man, let the old body do its work.