Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Fox News descends to joke status.

“Kennedy” on Fox tonight referred to the “filthy, corrupt government” of Russia. You can see why they use the slogan "Fair and balanced."

This surpasses even Ralph Peters’s reference to Putin as a “thug” and a “racist.”

Fox is fully on board with the moronic demonization of Russia. Trish Regan beats the “evil Russian are attacking our democracy and sowing dissension” theme like a rented mule. She can't get enough of Gen. Jack Keane on her regular show. He's a reliable peddler of the "expansionist Russian" nonsense.

The late infomercial marketing genius Billy “Mr. Mighty Putty” Mays was never as good as these Fox peddlers of snake oil.

Fox News-verified photo of Putin leadership style.

Hat tip: The Daily Beast.

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