Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Facebook? I'm Done!

I just deactivated my Facebook account. If family/friends want me to see their family photos/videos, they can either send them to my cell, or join me on MeWe.com. For now, that seems NOT to be filled with the vile invective that has taken over FB.

I'm not the first to do it. I've seen a lot of Facebook Quits in the last few months. I suspect that, as they get further away from Impeachment likelihood, winning any election in the near future, or getting any normal person to agree with them, they will - once again - rachet up the Hate.

So far, they don't actually Hate me - I imagine they think of me as an elderly, confused individual, who has been indoctrinated. Yeah, that's the ticket - indoctrination, that's that answer. Because no Good Person could possibly hold views like mine. And, since they know me, know I'm not a hateful Nazi, I MUST be a victim of some Evil Cult that is preying on the less intelligent, the more gullible, the Deplorable.

Yeah. Right. I'm just not that bright.

The last straw was getting a post from a family member, telling me that anyone who supported Trump's efforts to send Illegal Aliens back home was a Nazi. Just EXACTLY like Hitler's people.

I have tried, gently, to reason with those contacts. I have tried to use links to multiple sources refuting their vicious accusations, answered hate with love, and worked to find common ground.

They have lost me, by their refusal to respond in kind. When you've lost a mild-mannered grandmother, you might as well pack it in.

I'm expecting the Left to pull out all the stops in the run-up to the 2020 election. If the supporters of the Left don't stop their abuse, this may come to not-so Civil War.  I would hate that - I would grieve those on the other side for their failure to stop the crazy before it's too late.

Facebook is facilitating the abuse, by allowing Leftist trolls to spew invective without penalty, while shutting down opposition. This has to stop.

It may already be too late.



I never had fakebook, but I also have been shunned. In many cases, by people I've known almost my whole life.

I know I'm a broken record, but... they're MISSIONARIES who truly believe they are better, more noble, more enlightened, more educated people. They TRULY BELIEVE they can defy human nature and all of human experience to create a Socialist Utopia where there is no hate, no fear, no hunger or crime or any of the privations that have stalked humanity since the very beginning.

And put yourself in their shoes. If you actually thought you could accomplish this you, too, would see those opposed to you as evil.

Linda Fox said...

I know. I don't fault their conclusions, given their premises. It's just that those premises are false. I will be cut off from a significant portion of my family and friends, because of the Left's determination to divide America into Them (yuck, phooey!) and Us (The GOOD Ones, bravely fighting against Nazis - although not actually using weapons, because that's for the Bad People. We Good Ones are armed with Memes, Talking Points, Willingness to Vilify Formerly Loved Ones, and the Knowledge that We are Fighting in a Noble Cause).


Just as the Leftists have done before, they are willing to destroy an entire generation of young people - spiritually, relationally, and career-wise/financially to achieve their aims.

Damn them.

Linda Fox said...

It all makes me ever more determined to complete Leftism 4 Beginners. Which, I will post another chapter of very soon.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Thought I commented here.
I'll try again.
Most whackos I offend block me.
Works for me.
Always interesting to see that there are 5 comments, and I only see 4.
I've blocked one. Sorry to. Ona personal level, I liked the guy, but I didn't want to be offended by him anymore.
But I still get to see family and friends and user groups.

Glen Filthie said...

Good for you Linda.

I never took up with Bookface or Tweeter, I had all kinds of experience with lefties on the early political forums of the internet. I knew they would do to those platforms what they did to the old political boards: drive off anyone that disagreed with them, end up with an echo chamber - and go find some other parade to rain on. The owners of Facebook will get exactly what they deserve from this; they need our eyes more than we need their approval. I personally think the left is now ginning itself up for a fight that is going to have lethal consequences for everyone. Right now is all about preparation.

Sanders said...

I never had a flakebook account, but my wife has one that she uses to stay in touch with the kids and for her crafts.

She got put in "Facebook jail" recently for making a post that, paraphrased, said "America: Love it or leave it."