Monday, July 29, 2019

How is this not exactly right?

The popular delusion of the 21st century is to assume the highest virtues of democracy. This faulty assumption propagates a dangerous archetype: the tyranny of the masses and its twin consequences, deficits and inflation.[1]
Elite betrayal is one thing and as real as a heart attack. However, how explain the electorates unwillingness to hold the elite accountable through the electoral process? The least bit of feistiness on the part of voters, such as with the Tea Party, and the TPTB were quaking in their boots. But the party died after a short, glorious life.

Why did it? Because politicians can always play their Trump card and distribute yet more to the FSA.

Modern Western electorates are sellouts to their ancestors, descendants, and themselves. They disgrace themselves by their surrender to foreigners, primitive creeds, and hate-filled minorities. So long as the gravy flows, the lumpenvotertariat will bend over and assume the position. They have the foresight of a clam.

No degradation or destructive policy is enough to deter them from their mission of national suicide.

[1] "Realizing The Full Implications Of The Forthcoming Catastrophe." By M.N. Gordon, annotated by Pater Tenebrarum, ZeroHedge, 7/27/19 (emphasis removed).


Ed Bonderenka said...

We have a representative government in name only.
We have an administrative government.
There is no debate over the budget spending, only the limits of debt.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Exactly so. Once in a while the voter will elect someone who writes polite responses to what you complain about to them. Most don't bother with that bit of attempted placation. If you need help with a problem with Social Security or something like that you'll get help, so that's good. But (complaints about) long-term problems are ignored.

The budget "ceiling" "battles" are pure theater. Eventually, more spending is authorized. There is no tomorrow where these elected jokers are concerned. They are like seagulls. They fly in, make a mess everywhere, then leave.