Friday, July 20, 2012

"You Didn't Build That"

Your achievements are not yours. Your prosperity is not your doing. Your property is only yours so long as the State doesn't want it. None of it is due to you, your skills, your strengths, or your insight. It all just each and every one of Barack Hussein Obama's steps toward the presidency of these United States.

Whittle nails it:

I no longer care whether the miscreant is a natural born U.S. citizen. I want to see him impeached, tried, convicted, and removed from office for being an asshole. Surely that's enough to disqualify him for the highest executive office in the land.


KG said...

I'd like to see the "impeached, tried, convicted" part bypassed and this traitor removed from the WH by more immediate, group action.
No need to wake the RNC up in the process.....

furball said...

Too nuanced. While I don't doubt (or sometimes understand) the points Whittle makes, it doesn't matter.

What I've come to understand over the past few months is, it doesn't matter if what Obama or Clinton or Bush did was illegal.

It was morally wrong.

What the banks, Wall Street, the Federal Reserve and insiders did is rape the workers and municipalities of this country. But no laws were broken??? We fine a bank 1 millon dollars for wreaking 1 BILLION dollars of fraud?

In a way, it doesn't matter if Obama passes all those Executive Orders and has his DOJ argue AGAINST states and Federal Law.

In a way, it doesn't matter if the Supreme Court of the United States holds that private property can be taken if a city can earn more taxes from some entity instead of the legal property owner.

Hell, it doesn't even matter that killing babies isn't murder if there is some perceived "right" involved.

Those are laws passed, enacted, made up or invented by "those people." Not by me. And they are not justified by any argument that represents my view of the world as it actually seems to be, to me.

There is what is considered "legal" under the current regime, and there is what is considered "right and proper" under moral conscience.

Yeah, that's Bill Maher's definition of "right-wing, religious zealotry."

Killing babies, taking property, ruling by executive fiat and using government and coercion to screw your neighbor is also called the very definition of "evil," or at least "horribly bad behavior" by some of us.

But progressives can wink and nod at it if it fits in some umbrella definition of "social justice" because 11%, or 40 million or some other number of us are deemed. . .


or disadvantaged

or somehow, "left out of the American dream."

It's a terrible indictment of the stupidity of America's youth that the Occupy Wall Street Movement couldn't actually identify the corruption of the current global banking system. (See the LIBOR and other trillion dollar scams perpetrated against people as linked to at
for example.)

No, all those people could do was vent against some amorphous "1 percent" and destroy property in one way or another.

Obama isn't the problem. He's a symptom. Americans are ignorant of banking, money, human nature and natural law.

No, I'm wrong. The gangs and the "underprivileged class" that will erupt in flash mobs probably understand the nature of things better than any MSNBC commentator ever will.

furball said...

Francis, on rereading your original post, I agree with you.

I'm also drunk enough to say that the police chief of Aurora, Colorado, should have tried to ensure that the whacko killer of 12 people at that theater was never taken alive.

Does anybody really believe he could be "rehabilitated?" Or do you want him living next to you? Or do YOU want to pay for his incarceration for the next 60 or 70 years?

No. Use Raid on the insect and get over it.

Now, google "texas army base." You'll find lots of articles about Major Nidal Hasan, and lots of stuff about whether he was a Muslim, about the Army trying to downplay their policies about Muslims, etc.

So what? The guy killed 13 people in a "shooting spree."

Let's give Bill Moyers and NPR and MSNBC one year to interview this guy all they want and publish all their findings. . . and then hang the son of a bitch. HE KILLED 13 PEOPLE and I don't want him ever set free and I don't want to pay for his life for the next 60 years.

If Bill M. or Bill M. wants to paint the guy as some sort of victim or someone we need to "understand," FINE. Let them pay for it and let them house him.

A culture, a people, a family, a civilization has to have standards. I understand that this will be a punchline for Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert and Bill Maher and Hussein Obama, but it is a FACT.

The culture *I* choose to be a part of does not condone shootings in a theater or on army base, religiously motivated or not.

Neither does the culture I would like to be a part of allow in-your-face crony capitalism because "they" can get away with it and "it's not illegal, so screw you."

That offends my sensibilities on at least two levels.

Now we have an entire political class that allows and encourages these things to become mainstream arguments?

They are despicable maggots that have undermined the best progression of Man that has ever been known.

And they have clouded the minds of an entire generation in a rhetorical fiction that will be the undoing of everything they think they hold dear.

This world of technological advancement and plentiful food and free communication is built on a layer of trust that was not mandated or engineered by any government or "supra-national" authority.

It was implemented by individuals who had shared, common interests. . . yes, even when some people took advantage of the "system."

The "shared, common interests?" That family matters. That *I* matter. That "there must be something better." That "work is it's own reward." That doing the right thing is the right thing to do.

And that, god damn it, you have to work, or you starve.

Make fun of the principal all you want. The principal remains. YOU ARE WHO YOU ARE TO WHATEVER GOD YOU BELIEVE IN, AND YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT YOU DO.


Sure, that sentence allows for some incredible sophistry by Napoleons, Hitlers, Obamas and others. But for most of us, it means we have to ABIDE by a morality that we understand implicitly, even if we have trouble living up to it all the time.

So who is telling you that you DON'T have to work? Who is telling you that you have a "right" to food or housing or health-care or anything that was unknown to people for about 9,000 years before this?

And why would they do that?

And where will all that largesse come from?


People who will give you social justice?


It doesn't "take a village." It takes hard work and trust.

And a belief.

A community. A shared vision. Not diversity, "for diversity's sake." A common, shared belief.

Make fun of that belief all you want. Without it, you are nothing, and alone. Maybe you'll be an artist, but you won't be a civilization.

KG said...

Drunk or not, what furball said!