Friday, August 24, 2012

Let's Try This Again

Posting might be somewhat lighter for the next few days, as the C.S.O. and I are heading off to the Berkshires for a long weekend and the climax of the Tanglewood Jazz Festival: pianist Chick Corea and vibraphonist Gary Burton in concert together. (Incidentally, if you've never heard their joint album Crystal Silence, you have no idea what a treat it is.)

Our last attempt at a getaway was spoiled by this shoulder ailment of mine. As the pain has been reduced somewhat through physical therapy, and severe spikes are markedly less frequent than they were, we're taking another shot at it. However, there is a price: I have to let the C.S.O. do the driving. Her convictions about highway safety diverge greatly from mine. Pray for us!

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Mark said...

Enjoy a well-deserved weekend off, Fran!

As for the C.S.O.'s driving... My fiance's driving also leaves something to be desired -- I end up a nervous wreck every time she drives... Yet, she's somehow managed to avoid accidents over 35 years of driving, so I figure the odds are in my favor. Now, I just close my eyes and relax (I still can't stand actually SEEING the bad driving habits).

May your shoulder ailment continue to improve!