Friday, November 16, 2012

Muslim depravity and the little matter of reciprocity.

For the Muslim it's take, take, take and if the West meekly expects something in return it's one giant * * * * you in return.

Cut out the honor killings, quit trying to impose shariah in the West, stop the female mutilation, get a job, pray inside the mosque?

Why, how absurd.

We burn cars, issue death threats, and set off bombs in retaliation. Accept our educational mortar attacks.

It is our way.


KG said...

And it will be their way until the Western leaders grow a damn spine and resort to what used to be our way.

Col. B. Bunny said...

It will be a hard slog even getting left-leaning people to appreciate our way. Two friends expressed ideas in correspondence recently that evidenced a surrender mindset and suspicion of and disdain for who we are. There's no logical tie between the thoughts of the two of my friends but consider these sentiments volunteered by them:

* We taint other cultures when we come in contact with them.

* We could give Los Angeles or the Mississippi to the Chinese instead of exploiting and taking resources of others.

Not sure why we should do the latter. Something to do with the Social Security trust fund being about to run dry. Not sure.

Where do you even begin to start with these people? I'm fond of them both but what you're reading is a deeply ingrained suspicion of and aversion to "our" way. They reflexively take the position that our way is exploitative or destructive.

I can see flaws in our ways and our history but I see much more that is astonishing and grand. With them they see only the flaws, and with darn little analysis in the process. Think about that. A complete absence of an impulse to affirm our culture. Only hostility.

Col. B. Bunny said...

And they're far from being left-wing crazies or zealots . . . .