Friday, September 6, 2013

The true "progressive" agenda.

Progressivism is an invention of Fabian Socialists, and therefore seek to hide their true agenda (totalitarian enslavement or reduction of the human population) behind whatever terminology seems most popular, even claiming to be in favor of “freedom” and “liberty” (social, economic, religious, or what have you).

Political progressives are inherently Global Socialists or International Communists at heart, once you strip away the deceptive rhetoric and look at their actual policy prescriptions. They are only “anti-fascist” in that National Socialism does not have grand enough scope for their dreams of subjugating the entire human race (and liquidating that portion that will not submit, generally estimated at 90% of more of the existing population). As Fabian Socialists, Progressives are committed to a gradual process in which society is modified incrementally to accept totalitarian control.[1]

Westerners like to flirt with trendy politics and love soothing language of "rights," "equality," "freedom," "compassion," and "justice." These benign goals are all opposed by "right wingers," "tea baggers, "corporations," "fascists," "conservatives," "fundamentalist Christians," "militias," "gun nuts," "corporations," "racists," "homophobes," "islamaphobes," "vets," "bigots," "birthers," and people who won't eat their vegetables. Which airy fairy pantheon of evil the press and low-information voters (i.e., morons) lap up like spilled Jack Daniels on the kitchen floor.

To this massive tra la la contingent, the American political system is a benign, self-healing constitutional republic that never ceases to serve up leaders on the order of Mary Poppins, Andy Griffith, Harry Potter, Gidget, and Inspector Clouseau. They never see the Barack Obamas, the Van Joneses, the Valerie Jarretts, the Cynthia McKinneys, the Nancy Pelosis, the Bernie Sanders, the Harry Reids, and the Ted Kennedys who cheer each accretion of power to the total, irresistible, lawless, Constitution-optional unitary federal government as though the excesses of totalitarian political power of the last century never happened.

But they did and the progressives work to recreate the ideal conditions for an encore as they struggle for total arbitrary power.

[1] Comment by Chiu ChunLing on September 5, 2013 at 6:42 am on "Recognizing the Wrong People." By Baron Bodissey, Gates of Vienna, 9/3/13.


Pascal said...

Because Chiu ChunLing's comment appeared just below mine (in response to the same "proud" Prog who protested being linked to all the negative baggage), I had already read it.

As Fran may imagine, I was thrilled that here was another man willing to call attention to the deep Prog agenda. It is one that is as lethally misanthropic as it gets.

Viz.: "(and liquidating that portion that will not submit, generally estimated at 90% of more of the existing population)."

If my comment, with it's link to "Goal In Sight...", encouraged him to open up so that readers such as you, Colonel, noticed, I have to say this week has turned out better than I could ever have hoped.

Col. B. Bunny said...

The comments are frequently the best part of blog articles, but no no reflection, of course, on the excellent Baron Boddisey.

Attempting to make sense of leftist politics is pointless if one sees them as somehow irrational. Nothing irrational about it. The wholesale rejection of Western legal systems is the progressive goal and it matters not to them that leftist excess in the last century was the sole reason for the hideous slaughter.

Pascal said...

In my view, having come to understand how the Prog's feel good about the slaughter (under their new Malthusian moral code, all sacrifices are to their god Sustainability), I'd rearrange your last sentence. The hideous slaughter of the last century was the goal of Leftist excess. In fact I've called it their pilot program for this Century.

(Sorry if I've said this before. I love it that your avatar is that of Pascal's early teacher and later antagonist.)

Pascal said...

Holy Cow. Chris Muir is on the same page too with tomorrow's toon.

Liberal Jan: "Yet another USSR, a Reich, a charnelhouse of millions slaughtered by their god, the almighty state. That's Progressivism.

Conservative Damon: "But you'll have high self-esteem at the end."