Saturday, October 5, 2013

The far-advanced communist campaign to take over America.

The great Trevor Loudon speaking before America's Survival.


KG said...

Trevor Loudon is almost unknown in his own country, the People's Socialist Republic of New Zealand.
Which isn't surprising, really, since Kiwis absorb socialism in their mother's milk.
"The great" is a fitting description for a brave, persistent man.

Col. B. Bunny said...

He is amazing. His mastery of the gritty details of communist organizing, maneuvering, and comradely interlinkifaction is without equal. It takes a strong stomach to wade through the tawdry drivel of narcissists, utopians, and wannabe Chekists.

It's absurd he's virtually unknown in N.Z. He speaks of the Kiwis as basically a conservative people but I have much more of an impression of them as longing for the benevolent state. In that respect, no different from any other Western people. I can only think that concentrated , wealthy, comfortable urban populations protected by subhuman militaries with lovely high-tech weapons enabled by capitalist technology, innovation and efficiency are uniquely soft headed as never before in world history. We simply were able to afford mass lunacy and we see the result. Here in what might be called the U.S. heartland, I was in a restaurant for dinner and a man in the next booth had profuse tattoos on arms and face that would have awed a Maori. People in this country wouldn't have thought of decorating their bodies like primitives in times past. Now, you're lucky if you don't see ball bearings implanted under the skin of the forehead. Come to think of it, ball bearings would be an improvement in some cases.

KG said...

Kiwis were, once, a conservative people. But over the past thirty years they've adopted a kind of soft socialism, so much so that their idea of conservatism is anything slightly to the right of Nancy Pelosi.
The leftist view has seeped into the fabric of New Zealand life to the point where they use that to define normality in politics.