Monday, April 7, 2014

Quickies: For Brendan Eich

The Gay Soviet and the more-righteous-than-thou prigs of the Left, in keeping with the old Leftist mantra that "the personal is the political," have succeeded in committing a grotesque injustice against a good and highly talented man -- for holding the very same view of marriage that Barack Hussein Obama had to express to get elected President in 2008.

As it happens, I've been reading Mark Steyn's book Lights Out this past weekend, in which he reminded me of this old Frank Sinatra / Dean Martin gag:

Q: How do you make a fruit cordial?
A: Be nice to him.

Which, in recognition that things have changed and not for the better, Steyn expanded from two lines to three:

Q: How do you make a fruit cordial?
A: Be nice to him.
Or else.

...and I reflected that the very best weapon against political correctness remains derision, particularly the humorous sort. In recognition of which, and for the honor of the fallen Brendan Eich, I pose this question:

Who Are Your Favorite Fruits?

My selections:

  • Currently Fruiting: Elton John
  • Deceased Contemporary: Liberace
  • Deceased Historical: Edward de Vere, seventeenth Earl of Oxford and the true author of "Shakespeare's" works.

What are yours, Gentle Reader? List them in the Comments.

Before I ring off for the morning, allow me to remind you that the PC Enforcers can't hurt you if you stand your ground fearlessly. We in the Right outnumber them. We have every imaginable asset, including all the relevant facts and their implications. We come to one another's aid. Indeed, the one thing they fear is that we'll discover our true numbers and our true power.

You need not be a silenced, cowering victim.
Becoming an oppressor is not your sole alternative.
If you have the courage of your convictions, it's still possible to be a free man.


F.J. Dagg said...

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.
Aaron Copland.
Noel Coward.

I always wonder why the gay lobby can't take Coward as an example--suave, subtle, intellectual without being confrontational.

A Reader said...

Currently fruiting: I'm a theatre person, so I know a lot of fruits. It's hard to choose, but I guess I would pick my Uncle D over any of the unrelated fruits.

Deceased historical: I second Noel Coward. Blithe Spirit is hilarious. Oscar Wilde would also work.

I have trouble with deceased contemporary category.

Guy S said...

Three friends from back in the high school days (two since deceased due to Aids) All three highly talented in music and the theater.

Have to go with one of Noel Cowards friends/contemporaries, Cole Porter..."I Contemplate On You"...being a personal favorite.

Anonymous said...

Paul Lynde!! One of the funniest men of all time. In terms of his proclivities, I always appreciated how he was expressive without demanding acceptance or agreement. This is how "normal" people live their lives...which is to say, "normal people who are all different from one another, but who don't wield their differences as cudgels".


Adrienne said...

Freddie Mercury and Truman Capote. Hmmmmmmm - they're both dead.

Mark Philip Alger said...

Contemporary / classmates category:
Jazz pianist/composer, Fred Hersch
Broadway dancer/choreographer, Charlie Brown

deceased contemporary category:

Deceased historical category: Oscar Wilde
(I named my cat Earnest)
The Sacred Band


Joseph said...

Nobody mentioned Alan Turing?