Friday, August 29, 2014

Want Your Manhood Back?

What's that you say? You've been emasculated? Political correctness, gender-war feminism, the rising tide of thuggery, and the Omnipotent State have ripped the spine from your body? You're becoming ever more fearful of the people around you, ever more reluctant to get out and about, ever more hesitant about leaving the door of your home unlocked? The world is just too much for you and you really wish it would just go away? Is that your problem, Bunkie?

Can't help you, Bubba. Your problem is that you're absolutely correct.

This horrific story out of Merrie Olde England has been getting a lot of attention on the Web:

At least 1,400 children were victims of sexual exploitation in and around the northern English town of Rotherham between 1997 and 2013, according to an independent report released Tuesday, which censured public authorities for a collective failure in tackling the abuse.

The report marks the latest evidence of the alleged failure of public services in parts of the U.K. to deal with claims of child sexual abuse in recent decades. The 2010 convictions of five Rotherham-area men on a range of sexual-abuse charges and subsequent allegations of more widespread abuse and sex-trafficking have made the town a flashpoint in a recent wave of high-profile abuse allegations in Britain. Last month, Prime Minister David Cameron's government launched an independent inquiry into how public bodies across the country have dealt with claims of child sexual abuse, pledging to leave "no stone unturned."

The report alleges children and teens in the Rotherham area, which has a population of 258,400, were raped multiple times, trafficked to other towns and cities in the north of England, abducted, beaten and intimidated. It cited incidents of children being doused in petrol and threatened with being set alight, threatened with guns and made to witness violent rapes. Most of the victims were adolescent girls, many of them from troubled homes, the report said.

"This abuse is not confined to the past but continues to this day," Alexis Jay, the author of the report commissioned by Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council last year, said in the summary of the findings. The council oversees the town of Rotherham and the surrounding, mostly rural area in South Yorkshire, some 8 miles from the northern steelmaking city of Sheffield.

Subsequent articles reveal that the various police departments and agencies with jurisdiction in South Yorkshire knew about the child sex grooming and trafficking...and let it pass. Take your guess as to why -- you'll only need one -- and then read on:

The report said that the majority of perpetrators were described as "Asian" or of Pakistani origin by victims, including the five men convicted in 2010. Still, it said, officials didn't engage directly with the area's Pakistani community to discuss how to address the issue, Ms. Jay said. Several council staff described their nervousness about identifying the ethnic origins of alleged exploiters for fear of being seen as racist. Others remembered being told by senior staff not to do so, she said.

Just as "Asian" above was a substitution for "Pakistani," "Pakistani" is merely a way of not saying Muslim.

It wasn't just the police that knew this abuse was going on. It's impossible for the police to be aware of something like that without private citizens knowing about it as well:

In two cases, fathers had tracked down their daughters and tried to remove them from houses where they were being abused - only to be arrested themselves when police were called to the scene.

And one child declined her initial offer to give a statement after allegedly receiving a text from a perpetrator threatening to harm her younger sister.

The failures happened despite three reports between 2002 and 2006 'which could not have been clearer in the description of the situation in Rotherham'.

Teachers reported seeing children as young as 11, 12 and 13 being picked up outside schools by cars and taxis, given presents and mobile phones and taken to meet large numbers of unknown men in Rotherham or other local towns and cities.

So no one did anything, for a shameful reason: Britons fear their Muslim minority. The police fear to be called "racists," and the private, wholly disarmed citizenry, knowing that the police won't act, are afraid of reprisals should they even speak out. The entirely predictable result has been that the Muslims in the Sceptered Isle have concluded that they can get away with anything.

We have lesser problems with Muslims here in the United States, but greater ones with our Negroes, overwhelmingly the racial group that perpetrates crimes of violence and crimes against property. Here as across the water, the enabling mechanism is the swift accusation of racial bigotry leveled against anyone who even speaks plainly about what we all plainly see. The police are seldom on the scene, and when present are all too frequently disinclined to act, for the same reasons as their colleagues in England.

As for action by private citizens: Forget it, Bubba. If you attempt to intervene in a street crime, you're likely to catch the worst of it for your presumption. You might be beaten badly, even killed. When the "authorities" arrive, you're likely to be arrested and charged with the others no matter what you did or tried to do -- and may God help you if you're found in possession of any kind of weapon, regardless of what the firearms laws are in that locale.

It's largely the same with the defense of one's own home. More than half of all burglaries and home invasions occur in jurisdictions where it's against the law, de facto, for you to use deadly force in defense of your property and privacy. Those who succeed in averting legal consequences for such action usually need the collaboration of the police, the occasional heartwarming stories to the contrary notwithstanding.

Against that backdrop, does the "knockout game," the plague of black-on-white rapes and other street crimes, or the opportunistic looting and destruction in Ferguson, Missouri really puzzle anyone?

Possibly no pervasive social trend has undermined the manhood of American men more than the ongoing tendency, in service to gender-war feminist notions about "patriarchal capitalist oppression," to preconvict a man of anything a woman might accuse him of. Such accusations can be as substanceless as a charge of "sexual harassment" for telling a joke in which a woman is the butt, or as grave as an accusation of "assault" for having stood too close to a female colleague or having laid a hand on her shoulder. In either case, the accused is far more often than not required to undergo humiliating abasements of several kinds, including mandatory "sensitivity training," regardless of what actually happened or the known proclivity of the accuser for leveling such charges frequently and baselessly in the past.

I wrote yesterday about the incentives such a tendency engenders and the foreseeability of the consequences. Needless to say, nothing is being done to countervail it, with the exception of a few mouthy types such as your humble blogmeister spouting off about it. We've come to a point where even to hold a door for an unknown woman is socially risky beyond whatever tiny satisfaction one might derive for having behaved like a gentleman.

You say it can't be as bad as all that? Actually, you're right: It's worse. Just ask Debbie and Alvin McCuan, Raymond Buckey, and Gerald Amirault.

There is no defense.

Throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, and most of the rest of the First World, manhood -- masculine virtue and the self-respect that flows from it -- is being anathematized if not outlawed. Worse yet, it's been made risky to the practitioner. No aspect of male conduct is deemed too trivial to condemn. Believe it or not, there's a nation in Europe where urinating while standing up has been made into a penalizable offense. Think I'm kidding? Try it in a public loo in Germany and get back to me on the results.

Just as there is no defense, there is no Last Graf, wherein the wise and perspicacious commentator prescribes a cure for the malady. Manhood is being transformed into a liability at best, a crime at worst. Exhibiting traditional masculine virtue and civic duty in a public setting can get you arrested, brutalized or killed. Exhibiting gallantry toward a woman isn't quite as hazardous, but it's far from safe, especially if the woman is unknown to you. The "authorities," such as they are, are most definitely not on your side.

Stay home. Lock the door. Turn up the music to drown out the shrieks from outside. (No, don't watch the Idiot Box. That would only make it worse.) Lay in a good supply of booze and apply it liberally. Read a few retrograde books. Above all, forget your notions about the manly virtues and "your duties" to "your society." There's no point any more.

Forgive me, Gentle Reader. I'm just having another one of "those days." I'm sure I'll be back in fighting trim tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I recall reading some "feminist" reviews of Ernest Hemmingway's novels back in the 1980s. It seemed to me that his activities i.e. chasing game-fish etc were the equivalent of running a child-porn industry to the feminists. He was said to be "brutal" "sadisitc" and perhaps worst of all "one dimensional in that hen couldn't develop female characters in his work." I was stunned and re-read "To Have and Have Not." and a "Farewell to Arms." I couldn't for the life of me agree with the feminist interpretations and still can't! So there you have it!


Weetabix said...

I aim to misbehave.

CGHill said...

So that's what happened to the Old Philosopher. :)

William Stout said...

There are damn few true men left in this world of false men. We educate men who have no honor or character. We elevate them to positions of leadership over other men without honor or character. We no longer give straight answers to honest questions. These are the signs of the damage that you describe in your article. Women are to blame for this, of course.

It was they who said that honor and character did not matter. It was they who promoted the female over the male and broke the balance between the sexes. It was they who said they wanted a man who could cry. In short, they wanted a man who was emotionally like them but with the male genitalia. Only now, they are reversing course because they find that they are sickened by what they have created. It is far too late for that.

A woman cannot teach manhood and with the numbers of single mothers out there raising sons, well, it just isn't going to happen. The age of the true man is dying and the women folks have nobody to blame for it, but themselves. Something they are loathe to admit, but they know it deep down inside. Consequently I find myself an anachronism in this modern world. A throw back to an earlier and saner time. A time when men had personal honor and individual character.

All we can do is watch the ship of manhood sink beneath of the surface of the social waters and know that it takes something special down with it. Something that the women now realize was important that they destroyed in their pique.

månesteiner said...

Good post.

"Stay home. Lock the door. Turn up the music to drown out the shrieks from outside. (No, don't watch the Idiot Box. That would only make it worse.) Lay in a good supply of booze and apply it liberally. Read a few retrograde books."

This, or sheer defiance, appears to be the only options left to sane westerners.

In addition to retrograde books I'd also suggest watching Pressburger's film "A Canterbury Tale". A vision of England when it was still England.