Monday, November 24, 2014

The lie of 11 million illegals.

Collapsing the System and America’s First World identity has been the objective of Obama’s government all along.

Immigration patriots need to know that it’s not about Amnesty for five million people—it’s about enabling the fifty million that will reduce the U.S.A. to a geographic expression and the historic American nation to a despised minority.[1]

Fred Elbel of the Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform, cited in source, "now believes the total to be closer to '50 million.'”

[1] "The Myth Of The 11 Million: Wall Street Analyst Estimates 21-25 Million Illegals Now In U.S." By Nicholas Stix,, 11/23/14 (links omitted).


Anonymous said...

Guess we'll have to move to Mexico. Apparently, there's no one left there.

cmblake6 said...

1776v2.0 seems called for, yes?

The Quiet Man said...

What's the point in moving to Mexico? Mexico moved here. We can be a minority in their country of eventually be a minority in our own country...I hate moving.

As for the 11 million lie, that number might have been valid when it was first floated...about 15 years ago. Look at it like this, if we only had 11 or 12 million illegals living among us why would the government be looking for a vendor to print up 35 million green cards? They know it's nowhere near 11 million, the media knows, WE know, the illegals certainly know...why the intentional deception?