Tuesday, January 20, 2015


CSO: (mournfully) I have to go to XXX today (a nearby client).
FWP: My poor Sweetie! Has to drive about twenty feet to be fawned on by a gaggle of nuns who make you tea and call you Sister Beth and ask when you’re going to take your vows!

CSO: Well...
FWP: Besides, you get to decide what the laws of arithmetic will be today.
CSO: Hey! That is my profession, you know. You only have to deal with zeroes and ones.

FWP: The great tragedy of my life.
CSO: Where did your other numbers go, anyway?

FWP: I think the lost tribe has them.
CSO: Who?
FWP: You know: the twelfth tribe of Israel, the one you guys misplaced!
CSO: You sure? It wasn’t the Rosicrucians or the Knights Templar?
FWP: Naah. I asked.

(UPDATE: "A Reader" wrote to ask whether a married woman can take the vows of a nun. No, Reader, she can't. It's just my wife's clients, who are very fond of her, twitting her a little bit.)

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