Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Mexico is No Longer a Country

It is isolated islands of the Elite, with good medicine, government services, education, and cultural amenities, protected by well-armed and well-paid militaries.

Surrounded by desperate poverty, anarcho-government, criminal enterprises, and little hope for the future.

In short, Mexico has re-invented Life in the Middle Ages. The Elites live in the Castle, the Serfs live in squalor on the countryside, exposed to many dangers from the roving hordes.

Read the story of how Mexico's Elites are compacting, withdrawing into smaller and more easily protected communities. 

One of the defenders of Mexican life is Fred on Everything. His description of Mexico is accurate, from the perspective of the Elite. Another of his posts comparing the US to Mexico.

In Mexico, as well as in America, the working classes had standards - they worked, they watched the behavior of their kids, they didn't sit around in a stupor waiting for a government check. In both places, too many are no longer living up to that ideal.

The behaviors of the non-Elite, together with government policies that reward those with money and encourage the further stratification of society, have killed the Nation-State ideal. Instead, we have deteriorated into Elite Islands carefully separated from the Rest of Us.

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