Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Articles I Probably Won’t Be Reading Department.

How Martin Luther Paved the Way for Donald Trump.
The skinny on why (((evangelicals))) support Trump. Coming soon: How Karl Marx Paved the Way for Barack Obama.


Off to the Racists.
All your average leftist fruitcake earnestly wants to know about (((white nationalists))) and their (((sympathizers))) in the 2018 election (which just can’t come soon enough for the colonel).


How Progressives Can Engage Russia.
Defeating oligarchy is what’s for dinner apparently, no doubt involving a rollback of fedgov to constitutional dimensions 1791-like. Who hasn't heard of the leftist hatred of ALL concentration of power integral to any oligarchy worth its salt? Those wacky leftist originalists.

In The Nation, 5/14/18.

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