Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The flight from truth.

This is a truly choice article title:
When A Government Declares A Verdict Before An Investigation, It’s Because There’s A Preexisting Agenda[1]
Western governments seem to avoid honest inquiry like it's an embarrassing rash. Not even cursory examination of the facts of the Douma or the Khan Sheikhoun chemical weapons "incidents" was made before the rocketry soared into Syrian skies.

Truth either is an impediment to action they want to take anyway (per above) or it must be defended against as part of a psychological denial mechanism that enables the holder of a certain distorted idea to cling to it. Think of the Swedish, French, German, and British governments who have imported millions of hostile, parasitic, supremacist, unassimilable Muslims and Africans and who also have established savage penalties for ordinary citizens who dare to object.

The deeper the treachery and stupidity take root the more savage the denial and punishment of critics must be.

The same phenomenon of "I can't hear you" is visible where lunatic economic, feminist, and social notions infest a society. Opposing voices simply won't be heard or they will be violently suppressed.

What we are seeing is evidence of pronounced decay of political and social life. Truth is out of favor and lies and murder flourish.

[1] Caitlin Johnstone, Rogue Journalist, 4/10/18.

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