Friday, April 13, 2018

Three things to keep in mind.

In these times when the urge to wage reckless and unnecessary war courses through the veins of all right-thinking personages, the ordinary citizen has his or her hands full trying to make sense of events that are, well, senseless. I don’t have the definitive guidance and version of events to put out there but there do seem to be three principles the citizen can bear in mind now:
  1. popular sovereignty in the United States is dead and our elite class pursues objectives (defend supposed American military hegemony, humiliate Russia, destroy Iran, destroy white America) and uses methods (AntiFa, speech suppression, legal extortion, media monopoly, constitutional evisceration, vote fraud and one-dollar-one-vote corruption) decided upon by them completely without input from the electorate,
  2. that elite class is intent on removing or neutralizing the insurgent, populist President Trump who was elected by virtue of, as they see it, some kind of cosmic joke (or, same thing, the wishes of the people), and
  3. the notion that corporate media are the least bit interested in exploring the truth of any matter is ridiculous.
Other principles can no doubt be listed as well, but they amount to little more than fleshing out the above three.

As proof of the third point consider this amazing article up on South Front[1] in which there is a video showing how the former chief of the U.K. armed forces, Gen. Jonathan Shaw, is summarily cut off in the midst of an interview with Sky News in Britain when he strays off the reservation where only thoughts of “Animal Assad did it” are permitted to reside:

This is simply astonishing treatment of a man once the most senior military man in the United Kingdom.

[1] "Sky News Cuts Off Former Head of British Armed Forces While He Questiones Douma ‘Chemical Attack.’" By South Front, 4/13/18.

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