Tuesday, April 3, 2018

MSM Don't Always Link the Lesser-Known Bloggers

At least, not first.

I've had a long-time friend, Baldilocks, who is both accomplished as a writer and blogger. She's experienced some financial reverses over the years, but - luckily - can start collecting her military pension.

In three years.

So, for now, she is working hard to keep head above water. As I mentioned, she blogs - on her Baldilocks site, on Da Tech Guy, and periodically, for other bloggers. A while ago, she pointed out the connection between The Nation of Islam (Farrakhan's group)

 and the Church of Scientology.

And, now, that connection has hit national attention. But, Juliette is not being mentioned for her work in uncovering it. Nor are the other people who reported on the troubling intertwining of two flawed and cultish organizations.

Baldy is a professional, who always credits the sources. It would be great if you went to her site, and hit the Tip Jar - I've PayPal'd her in the past, and will again today. Small amounts from many people can make a huge difference.

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