Saturday, April 21, 2018

Perilous dislocation.

If you put together the idea of dislocation mentioned below with my last post quoting Paul Craig Roberts on the failure of leadership throughout the West, you have the perfect recipe for catastrophe – incompetent leadership with no connection with the citizenry. The result is what we see – (1) Western suicide by immigration (and asinine "fairness" and "compassion" that drive it and a lot of other lunatic stuff) and (2) rushing to the precipice of war for absolutely no discernible reason.

I am not a man of any religious faith not least because I see no evidence of any Divine presence in the world. That said, I am still a committed agnostic in this area -- and a friend of the Christian religion in particular, let it be said -- but I have to say I see abundant evidence of something that looks an awful lot like the workings of a conscious, powerful, implacable, malevolent being in the world.

Up until 1914 it seemed that man was poised to enter a time of abundance and orderliness but what arrived was unbelievable slaughter and stupidity. Call it The Age of the Human Ego, if you will. The United Nations Charter was an attempt to reign in the demon of war but America, chief among nations, seems determined to shred that document and a lot else beside. "We're a gift to the world, people. And don't you forget it or we'll kill you."

I sure don’t remember buying a ticket for this particular ride and it sure isn’t at Disneyland.

Well, enough of this cheery discourse. Here’s Craig Murray’s take on what the best and the brightest have in store for us:

In this extraordinary war, where Saudi-funded jihadist head choppers have Israeli air support and US and UK military “advisers”, every time the Syrian army is about to take complete control of a major jihadist enclave, at the last moment when victory is in their grasp, the Syrian Army allegedly attacks children with chemical weapons, for no military reason at all. We have been fed this narrative again and again and again.

We then face a propaganda onslaught from neo-con politicians, think tanks and “charities” urging a great rain of Western bombs and missiles, and are accused of callousness towards suffering children if we demur. This despite the certain knowledge that Western military interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya have had consequences which remain to this day utterly disastrous.

I fear that the massive orchestration of Russophobia over the last two years is intended to prepare public opinion for a wider military conflict centred on the Middle East, but likely to spread, and that we are approaching that endgame. The dislocation of the political and media class from the general population is such, that the levers for people of goodwill to prevent this are, as with Iraq, extremely few as politicians quake in the face of media jingoism. These feel like extremely dangerous times.[1]

[1] "Tracing the Rush to War." By Craig Murray, The Unz Review, 4/15/18 (emphasis added).

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