Sunday, April 29, 2018

Break point.

As the political wars of 1968 turned American politics upside down, a cultural war had broken out as well. Moral and social issues—abortion, affirmative action, busing, crime, drugs, feminism, gay rights—would tear apart families, communities and the entire nation. The culture wars had begun.[1]
Patrick J. Buchanan writes an interesting article about the political battles in 1968. Normal people saw through the radical leftists and gave Republicans their support for some time after. Now the sickness represented by the list of culture war perversions in the passage quoted has flowered into a full-blown plague, not least of which is the plague of open borders and the lies and treason intimately associated with mass immigration and “diversity.” Blame the flowering of the destructive 1965 immigration law for that.

In 1968, Nixon was willing to enforce the nation’s laws; now Pres. Trump ignores the Constitution and international law, appears capable only of feeble gestures in the direction of border control, and remains completely passive with regard to crushing AntiFa thuggery which is more pervasive, more vicious, and a far greater threat to public security than anything except for the encouragement of MS-13 gangs to spread out across the country. Can I say “encourage”? Why, yes I can as the borders remain open as they have for decades, apprehension of invading Salvadorians means nothing, and deportation of any illegal is essentially an occasional event and somehow Exhibit A for the violation of every tenet of American life that we all hold dear.

Our present lives are dominated by zealots who worship abortion, affirmative action, forced integration, feminism, gay rights, foreigners, and Muslims and hate Christians, the Constitution, and anything to do with Western culture. Black crime, academic failure, welfare dependency, and social pathology is concealed hysterically behind a wall of accusations of racism, white privilege, structural racism, bigotry, and whiteness. Nixon’s response to the “white racism” finding for the Kerner Commission regarding the Newark and Detroit riots in ’67 is still instructive: He observed that the Commission blamed everyone for the riots but the rioters themselves.[2] Now, the center has crumbled.

Patriotic Americans have been sold a bill of goods. Our national debate is awash in a sea of twisted, vicious leftist thinking whose proponents spit in the faces of normal, decent Americans. It has no vision of normality, regularity, rationality, or durability, only a new political world where their absolute discretion will settle all scores and right all wrongs. Can you say "revolutionary justice"?

What will come after a victory of the ultra-left, Muslims, and inundation by arrogant third-world invaders can, however, only be a dystopian nightmare which point is all the more clear by comparing our times with the times when Americans in the ‘60s were rational people recognized anarchy and sedition for what it was and were willing to fight back.

The lies and destruction of the globalists are another story but their lunatic commitment to economic suicide, domination over Russia and China, and massively expensive, pointless wars is just as much a danger to the well being of the Nation as their leftist allies.

[1] "Patrick J. Buchanan: With Nixon in '68: The Year America Came Apart." By Patrick J. Buchanan,, 4/27/18.
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