Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Having Fun Watching Liberal Heads Explode!

I saw this story about the ratings of the new Roseanne show. As it happened, I did watch the re-boot. My husband suggested it, and I agreed. I didn't expect much, as a once promising show dwindled into un-funny after a few seasons previously.

I liked it. Yes, it presented some Liberal concepts. It did so, fairly, showing BOTH sides to have some flaws.

The part about the cross-dressing kid:

  • He's being raised by a single mom, whose marriage fell apart, and who recently lost her job and home. She is devastated by her failures.
  • He very definitely says he is a boy. He is comfortable with his fashion choices.
  • Dan is opposed to his wearing the clothing outside of the house, as he believes that it will lead to his grandson not having friends. However, when the boy responds that he understands that, but he wants to dress how he wants, Dan is supportive.
  • He does get teased. He does not, at that point, have any friends. His mother is upset, but points out that it's because he is weird, like the rest of the family. They laugh, and accept that his choice will cause some short-term pain, but he is willing to stick to his guns.
Roseanne's sister Jackie is - as always - spouting the Liberal Line verbatim. She is written, and played, as an unthinking follower, whereas Roseanne is shown to be one who thinks for herself. Quite a fresh idea!

The other sister, Becky, is planning to be a surrogate for an infertile upper-class Progress twit. She quite frankly admits that she is doing it for the money. Both parents are unhappy with her choice. They try to talk her out of it, using quite standard Conservative arguments, but are unsuccessful.

Roseanne is resigned to Becky's decision, and, in an apparent appeal to Libertarian thinking, says that it is her choice.

BTW, the kid-buying twit is held up for some much-deserved ridicule. The actress plays her straight; she portrays the worst example of a woman buying a kid to fulfill her agenda.

I can't describe what made it so funny. It reminded me of Last Man Standing, which also skewered Liberal thought by presenting opposition to it by someone who was NOT a Puritan, Hypocrite, or Religious Nut.

It was refreshing.

Another Media Moment to Cause Exploding Heads?

Chappaquiddick is due to be released next week, April 6 (Friday). This will NOT play out well in these #MeToo days. I'm old enough to remember the 'investigation', although I was distracted by the Moon Landing that same weekend. Can't wait to see what a true examination of that death will be.

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