Monday, April 2, 2018

Fake news.

This is choice. Brilliant Paul Joseph Watson video: fake news.

I couldn’t see a way to embed the video so the link is all I could use.

Last Christmas, Conan O’Brien showed a more innocent video collage of TV people using fluff filler material probably from some commercial outfit, somewhat like news people using stuff provided pursuant to an Associated Press subscription.

This is more sinister as supposed “reputable” news sources are saying don’t rely on “fake news” Rely on us who are being exposed for the gutless, spineless, bought puppets we are.

Great comment by Flip Orley:

I just watched the video and I must say, that is the strangest coincidence ever. It’s like they’re all reading from the same prepared script to push an agenda.

Seriously, what were the odds ?!

Hat tip: ZeroHedge.

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