Friday, August 24, 2012

Sudden, Inexplicable Madness

Well, here we are in the Berkshires.
The sun is shining.
It's cool and pleasantly breezy.
We have dinner reservations at five.
My arm and shoulder hardly hurt at all.
I'm enjoying my second glass of Tawny Port.
The C.S.O. is relaxed, smiling, and possibly amenable to sex later.
So I went to Amazon and ordered a Gibson Les Paul and a small amplifier to go with it.

What's that you say? "Knock it off, Fran" -- ? Hey, I haven't felt this good in three months.

And a month from now, I'll be hailed as the rightful successor to Alvin Lee.

(Well, maybe it will seem more plausible after my third glass of Tawny Port.)


TJIC said...

Didn't know you played guitar!

I've been learning / playing for 2.5 years - how much experience do you have?

What sorts of music do you play?

Francis W. Porretto said...

I've been playing for about 40 years. My tastes are eclectic, but until recently, I've had no interest in playing the electric guitar. But with the Grim Reaper leering into my face, I figured it's time to indulge a few adolescent fantasies, and frankly, deflowering all the virgins remaining on Long Island is probably beyond my powers at this point, to say nothing of what Father Charlie would think.

furball said...

You DID NOT order a Les Paul on Amazon!

I don't know if Amazon even carries Les Pauls, though I doubt it.

If you have any soul at all, you go to a store and play guitars til your match finds you.

But it sounds like you're feeling better. :) GREAT!

SiGraybeard said...

furball - of course Amazon sells Les Pauls. Doesn't the smiley box of happiness deliver everything??

Congrats, Francis. I bought an Epiphone Ultra II Les Paul a while ago (a year?) after the Gibson/Lacey Act story broke. I got the Epiphone specifically for the nanomag pickup - and the quilted maple top, which just isn't available in the Gibson label until you hit very expensive instruments. Because of its heritage, we call it the Res Paurrr.

Play it long and in good health.