Friday, December 14, 2012

Farewell and good riddance, but mostly good riddance.

As the Eurozone flails about to keep its chin above the debt crisis that is drowning periphery countries, and as the European Union struggles to duct-tape itself together with more governance by unelected transnational eurocrats, Sweden is having second thoughts: never before has there been such hostility toward the euro.
This is what the suffering and world-wide devastation of two world wars, and innumerable skirmishes and collisions with totalitarianism since, has led to. The love affair with "Europe," that bloodless curiosity with the soul and spirit of a cow, has amounted to nothing more than a bankrupt, multicultural pit designed and engineered by a bizarre, anti-democratic gaggle of nemocrats, gelded lawyers, treasonous politicians, and clueless savants.

Europe, which had been laid waste by the West's little experiment with totalitarianism, chose the path to totalitarianism. Only Stalin did a better job with ethnic replacement and Europe is in the world's vanguard in its assault on free speech, the bedrock virtue of Western society. I know that's why Jimmy Stewart flew all those missions in WWII – to make sure that inconvenient speech could be shut down by politicians, lawyers, and prickly, lying Muslims with such delicate sensibilities.

When "Europe" sinks under the waves, who will mourn it except the odd banker, Brussels parasite, or academic nutcase?

"Germany’s Favorite Rabble-Rouser Economist Lashes Out." By Wolf Richter,, 12/14/12.


KG said...

"When "Europe" sinks under the waves, who will mourn it except the odd banker, Brussels parasite, or academic nutcase?"
I think not the ordinary people--it was never their project and while they were happy enough to enjoy the benefits for a while, now the benefits have dried up they're left with a very thin gruel indeed.
Competition is what drives progress, not enforced co-operation at the whim of some grey-suited dwarf in Brussels and the people of Europe must surely sense that.
European nationalism will rise again and it won't be pretty.

Col. B. Bunny said...

European nationalism may indeed rise again, and the sooner the better. However, it's failure to rise has been obvious for decades now, way, way past the point where any problems could have been solved without bloodshed.

And bloodshed is inevitable. Muslims are insufferable pricks and they will always be spoiling for a fight until they dominate the kafir.

The mystery to me is why there's no pride, no prickliness, no fury. If it's there, it's hidden deep, deep in the reptilian brain of Western man. On the surface, it's metrosexual all the way. Ear rings, purses, eau de toilette, game boys, and matched luggage.

We're no better than the Europeans. That must be said.