Sunday, December 23, 2012

Joke countries.

Today, violent racial paramilitaries occupy every major city in America and much of Europe. Their pastimes include: doing drugs, selling drugs, cashing welfare checks, voting Democrat, beating up random white people and stealing their shoes, stealing their cars, stealing their phones, stealing everything else that isn’t nailed down, rape, obesity, having lots of babies and outsourcing their education, care and feeding to well-intentioned white people, being loud, crying "racist,” hating white people, and throwing trash all over the place.

* * * *

A real country would send in the army to wipe [these urban "no go" zones] out and clean it up. But America is a joke country. So are Britain, France, Germany, and Sweden, of course. A funny joke, I admit, but a practical joke. Played on the white majority.

Yes, I said “the army.” This is not a job for police. Police are supposed to deal with the occasional citizen who commits a crime, not put down insurgencies and stop foreign invasions. The army is supposed to do those things, not “bring democracy” to shithole sandpiles in the Middle East.

But, we do have a thing about reforming the pre-Cambrian mind and spending blood and treasure like tomorrow is Mayan double Green Stamps day on the task of squaring the Middle East circle. Violent, misogynistic, anti-Christian, irrational, backward, corrupt countries with not one Piggly Wiggly grocery store stimulate the Obamaniacal yearning to invade them to unbearable levels. The Pope moving the Vatican to Salt Lake City would make more sense to me than that, but that's just me.

Billions will be sent to patrol the vital sandways of Yemen and Afghanistan but not a simoleon for having our boys patrol the Mexican border or the battlefields of s. Chicago.

Like the man says. A joke country.

"Unamusement Park’s Official Position on the 'Inner City.'" By Unamused, 11/13/12.

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