Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fundamental transformation of the United States.

On the Rage-O-Meter, this is over in "volcanic" range:
Huge stockpiles of US armor, weapons, heavy artillery, mortars, armored vehicles, tanks, the entire main weapons depot and the main helicopter base, have been captured, mostly intact, by ISIS.

The largest oilfield in Iraq has also been captured by ISIS. No US airstrikes, and none are likely any time soon.[1]

This qualifies as the "fundamental transformation" of the United States of America alright.

Into a joke.

Sadly, the article shows that it's far worse than even this shows. Assassination of prisoners. Killing of civilians. Targeted assassinations.

Islamic hell.

[1] "On the Ground in Iraq." By U/I contractor, Stormbringer, 7/1/14.


KG said...

I never thought I'd see an islamist President in the White House.
But the evidence shows that's exactly what Americans voted into office.

Russell said...

I am having a hard time shaking the impression that these losses where done on purpose. Maybe I need to increase my meds or tighten my tinfoil.

Anonymous said...

And G W Bush was accused of being beholden to the Saud family... despite the fact that removing Saddam from power ultimately increased Iranian influence in the region.

Just the same, it does indeed look as if el Presidente of the Banana Republic of the US is trying mightily to precipitate a terrorist crisis in order to goad the sheeple into begging the dot.gov for more "protection" from the exploding dopes. Either that, or he's got it his head that "handling" a crisis will make himself look more pResidential and pull up his sagging poll numbers. He's a veritable legend in his own mind, he is.

Steve S