Friday, July 18, 2014

Spot the fake headline.

  • Three Gaza Rockets Fired at Southern Israel – Peace process.
  • UN Urges Papua New Guinea to Stop Attacks on ‘Witches’ – Witch crisis unresolved.
  • Bolivia: UN Secretary General Celebrates 70th Anniversary With Cake of Coca Leaves – IPCC "science" suddenly clear.
  • Italy: Interior Minister Calls for EU Action on Immigration – Straight to voice mail.
  • Netherlands: No Student Loans for Dutch Jihadists in Syria – Dutch universities only, please.
  • UK’s Cameron Signals Tougher Line on Home-Grown Islamist Radicalism – Imported islamist radicalism ok.
  • Mahmoud Abbas’s Wife Undergoes Surgery in Israel – "Bloodsucking Jews" rhetoric temporarily suspended.
  • BasNews Gives Detail About Iranian Forces in Iraq – U.S. foreign policy in action.
  • Iran MPs Demand Rouhani Strictly Enforce Veil Law – Chaos averted.
  • Kurdish Oil Sold to Buyers in Austria, India – Our blood for their oil.
  • Migration Wave Overwhelms Italy – Ticker tape supplies exhausted.
  • Kerry hints at alliance with Iran in sudden policy reversal – From now on, only hinting.
  • Hillary Clinton Turns Liberals Into ‘Rape-Loving’ Scum – Wellesley grads make a difference.
  • Nancy Pelosi: I pray for Republicans ‘every Sunday’ – "Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do."
  • Three Beheaded After Failing 'Quranic Quiz'... – "How many commas?"
  • Iran to Execute Four for Murder Occurring Months After Arrest... – Forensic science meets Prof. Shariah.
  • Saudi Scholar Denounces Zionist Sagging Pants Plot... – Filthy Zionists.
  • Family Struggles to Cope after Daughter Exposed to Pork... – "BLT" on menu.
  • Supreme Court in NFIB v. Sebelius Stands Constitution on Head. – Seditious nonsense.

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