Friday, May 8, 2015

Constitutional Math

Oops! Sounds like it was a "Shooting & Cartooning" contest.

My husband and I had the "interesting" fortune of attending Pamela Geller's Mohammed Cartoon event in Garland, Texas, Sunday night, May 3rd, 2015. As you probably know, Bosch Fawstin was the double prize winner, making my entry a loser. (No worries, though, I'm already planning next year's entry and it's sure to be a winner.)

It was a very long night, with no physical injuries to either of us, just some stretching of our patience (towards its limits). Monday afternoon, after the long trip back to Garland, we retrieved our vehicle. Immediately we rushed back towards D/FW airport to get my husband off on a business trip he wasn't actually sure he could complete until finally stepping into the terminal in the nick of time.

Once I got back home - alone - it all hit me fairly hard, but in a way that quite surprised me. I was what I can only describe as despondent. I took a couple of days, during which I talked to my husband of course, but only briefly, after all he was "soldiering on" so I needed to as well.

But as my mood refused to budge I wondered, "Where online might I find people who've been in stressful situations, events that didn't go the way they'd planned...yet they'd made it through a little bit wiser for it?" And so I sought and recieved some timely advice from readers over at

I got my thoughts on the totality of Sunday's events together only after letting those readers' good advice sink in. I put it in a video for my YouTube channel which is as much confession as it may be advice for others. YouTube is where I keep up with many of the issues I'm interested in and so it's a natural place for me to share a lot of my "deeper thoughts" these days (sometimes attempting a tounge-in-cheek delivery style). I hope you'll let me know what you think of my thinking.


Eskyman said...

Patrice, thank you for setting the record straight wrt the 2nd Amendment.

This shocks me, and I'm so glad I watched your video; now I'm also upset about people at the event being disarmed, and also how you were treated afterward. First they disarmed you, then you are put on the bus. And then? And then?

Sure glad the ending was a happy one, but all this time I'd been thinking, "Thank God for Tx & 2A, & Even though the cop took 'em down, the folks inside were probably armed to the teeth!" All sadly wrong, and what I wanted to believe, but not true.

To be 'debriefed' or whatever for that long (7-10 hrs or more?) is also unconscionable and shocking.

I am not surprised that what happened to you has knocked you into depression. It's so hard to believe that in OUR COUNTRY things like this are really happening. Davy Crockett today wouldn't make it, would he. We are so... very... messed up.

Patrice Stanton said...

Thank you for watching it. That's exactly why I had to do it; I'd been trying to correct the "Texas + 2A" error on Twitter and elswhere. If I remember correctly, I even commented to this same effect on the (otherwise) excellent Bill Whittle "Afterburner" that Fran has posted. But remember: I SELF-disarmed; I walked into the event unarmed.

Anonymous said...

Great little video Patrice-I have knowingly disarmed myself on occasion and have felt kind of befuddled. Being in a situation where the possibility of needing a firearm that you've voluntarily surrendered would drive me nutty.

Your insight is greatly appreciated and I will not ever place myself in that dilemma again.

Anonymous said...

Patrice, great video. Don't be embarrassed....we've all done it, good on you to wake up and see the insidious nature of "go along to get along". You're points are correct and kudos to you to be aware of what went wrong. I wish more Americans would wake up and see what you are pointing out, thanks. TnDoc